Memory clings to the wall
bent sapling, hair blowing
mast bent to the starboard.
The wind forever in motion
because time stumbles in darkness
on a splinter of light

"Camera" - A. M. Sullivan


Poet with a Camera

My Story

Nostalgia (n)


the Greek word for return is nostos
algos means suffering
so nostalgia is the suffering caused by
an unappeased yearning to return

“Ignorance” – M. Kundera


Destination Wedding Filmmaker Kostas Petsas Headshot

Hello, I am Kostas Petsas founder of the Cinema of Poetry. My passion for cinema, music and poetry has always been my driving force. Back in high-school I used to write poems and to play guitar in a pop band.

After acquiring a strong scientific background in university, life has led me to follow quite different professional paths, focusing first on academic research and consequently on finance and business. But I never really found myself in this. I have eventually decided to quit the office life and to find my way back to arts, as a filmmaker and as a photographer. This made me start writing again.

I am a destination wedding filmmaker, based in Greece and travelling all around Europe and the world to document your story in the most authentic and personalized way. When crafting your film, I always dedicate a piece of my soul in this. My philosophy is to focus on the things that matter the most: people, moments and emotions. This is what makes your film unique, representative of who you are and a treasured heirloom for you and your family.

Elopement in Moroccan desert filmed by wedding filmmaker Kostas Petsas



Connection, Dedication & Trust

Professional Ethos

wedding filmmaker Kostas Petsas in the desert of Morocco

If a story is authentic, it is told from the heart: I love hearing all the details about you and your journey together. The way you met, the things you like to do, your dreams. All this helps me identify and unfold the story. Connecting with you on a personal level, building a true relationship based on mutual trust is a crucial part of the process. This is how I can create a short documentary that is not only about one day but about a lifetime.

I hate clichés and protocols! Outdoor intimate weddings and adventure elopements always provide the best opportunity to spend more time with you and to unfold the story in the most creative and distinctive way. But, my advice as a wedding filmmaker, is to plan the wedding that represents your own, in-your-zone, personality and that gives you the freedom to be yourself. It is not about the location. It is about you.

Currently based in Greece, but having spent a significant part of my life in Italy and France, I also consider myself at home in these two countries. I am available to travel anywhere in the world to document your greatest adventures.

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Cinema of Poetry celebrates my fascination with the intersection of poetry, film, and the avant-garde. It has a clear reference to the essay by the iconic Italian filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini, a poet himself, that explored the analogies of cinematic language with semiotics in written language. It also represents my initials...

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Every couple has a story worth telling. My motivation to be a wedding filmmaker is to capture this story through the prism of my own vision and inspiration. It is your story as a couple through your wedding and not simply the story of your day. Making an independent viewer connect with your wedding film is very challenging. But it is also what makes each story unique, authentic and true to yourselves. Storytelling is something inherent in human nature. We all crave for stories to connect with.

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Let's become friends. I want you to feel relaxed and in-your-zone. The whole process is laid back and follows your plans. I am not simply your wedding filmmaker, I am also your friend. An honest connection between us will help me help you be yourselves. We will also organize an after wedding (or engagement) filming session and, guess what: that's where additional magic happens. It is always a great satisfaction to hear from past couples and their families that they consider me to be a close friend of theirs and an indispensable part of their wedding story.

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I get strongly involved and spend a lot of my personal time in the creative process to deliver you something that is unique, fresh and elegant, and at the same time something that you and your family will cherish over the years. Your film is delivered in an elegant engraved box or folio, crafted with organic materials. This is where your wedding filmmaker transforms the elusive into something tangible.

Morroco Elopement filmed by wedding filmmaker Kostas Petsas

Love is eternal but memories can fade. This is your memory box



What has been and a promise of what is to come

Beautiful words from our couples for their wedding filmmaker... Swipe left or right to read more testimonials

Wedding in Paxos filmed by wedding filmmaker Kostas Petsas

We would like to deeply thank you. We spent the whole night crying, laughing and remembering our great day. We had to watch our film 3 times to recover. Indeed you smashed us! That was incredible, a perfect resume of our wedding day and beyond our expectations. We are really blessed and lucky to have had you as our wedding filmmaker. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love you so much!

Stephanie & Clément

Wedding in Santorini filmed by Wedding filmmaker Kostas Petsas

Kostas, this is the art that saves love. We are just trying to love each other the best we can when seemingly everything else in the world would have us suffer and fail. This film is emotional mindfulness. Just as the images we create as photographers. Pause-look-feel-remember. It's a priceless gift.
Thank you-so deeply

Lindsey & Dune

Same Sex Elopement in Santorini Filmed by Wedding filmmaker Kostas Petsas

We have watched the video yesterday before taking the plane to San Francisco and now that we have the time we just wanted to say THANK YOU! This is so f**ing amazing!! We have cried so much while watching it. It is simply us, and we love it. We would like to keep it forever as it's one of the most beautiful experiences of all times...

Marta & Eider

Elopement in Iceland filmed by wedding filmmaker Kostas Petsas

I eloped in Iceland a few months ago and WOW what an experience! I'm so thankful that we have this beautiful masterpiece to share with our families and look back on for years to come. Kostas is a DREAM to work with; calm, cool and collected, he captured Kevin and I in a way I could have never imagined, all while trying to out run a blizzard! Watching our video transports me back to my wedding day in such a way that is unexplainable, it brings tears to my eyes every time. Thank you for truly capturing the essence of our love.

Vanna & Kevin

Venice wedding videographer filming couple in Rialto

The most critical decision we had to make for our intimate wedding in Venice was to choose our videographer. We were incredibly lucky to have Kostas for our wedding. Distinct aesthetics, creativity, professionalism, discreet presence, courtesy and a unique state of the art approach in cinematography. Kostas was an integral part of our most beautiful day.
Thank you for your kindness, professionalism and creativity, and of course for the beautiful friendship that inevitably results from such an emotional, personal and well-received job. We will always remember you with tremendous love.

Mari & Efthimis

Elopement Wedding in Crete

I understand that finding a film maker of your choice (taste) is not that easy with all the wedding planning. But if there's one thing you want to splurge- it has to be on filming your wedding. No one will remember every moment and detail on your big day.
Every story is different - let Kostas tell yours in his superb story telling. He is great, kind, humble film maker who will really get to know you as a couple. He is not just a film maker who puts A roll and B roll together. He is amazing at what he does.
THANK YOU KOSTAS!!! Our elopement is even more beautiful because of your superb storytelling!

Jo Mae & Greg

Wedding in Umbria filmed by wedding filmmaker Kostas Petsas

Wow! We just returned from a trip to Julie’s hometown near Munich in Germany and were greeted with your stunning film! We are blown away. It’s so beautiful, you’ve done an amazing job! You have captured our day beautifully.
It gives us a memory that we will treasure forever. We are so grateful to be able to share this video with the friends and family back home, who weren't able to travel for our wedding.

Julie & Jim

Wedding in Chios filmed by wedding filmmaker Kostas Petsas

Don't think about it twice. Kostas is a wedding filmmaker that will create something extraordinary for you. He will actually take your moments and convert them into art. Art that you will want to watch every single day for the rest of your life.

Persa & Thomas

WEDDING IN ANAFI filmed by wedding filmmaker Kostas Petsas

Professionalism, inspiring view of things and getting to know the team will only make you feel like a friend with them!

Fani & Stavros


Wedding Filmmaker Awards

All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them

In the past few years I have had the chance to receive over 60 top awards for my work as a filmmaker from important professional associations and from International Film Festivals that are not related to the wedding industry. Having my artistic approach recognized by a broader, independent, audience is definitely a strong incentive to continue telling stories the way I do. I believe that the secret of creativity lies in the fact of being authentic and following your heart, even when you need to go against the trends:


– International Wedding Filmmaker of the Year 2019 and 2018 (Golden Lens by Inspiration photographers)

– Most awarded Wedding Filmmaker of the Year 2019 (Golden Lens by Inspiration Photographers)

– Europe’s Best Wedding Film (Way Up North)

– Europe’s Top 3 Wedding Filmmaker (Way Up North)

– Best Wedding Film 2019 (Golden Lens)

– Best Pre wedding Film 2019 (Golden Lens)

– Best Video Colorist (WEVA International Annual Awards)

– Best Concept Film Grand Award (ASIA WPA)

– 10 Excellence Awards (ASIA WPA)

– More than 25 Top Awards from several International Film Festivals and screenings of our short films all around the world

– Associate of WPPI

– Elite Member of ASIA WPA

– Title of Master Wedding Filmmaker by the Italian Professional Videographers Association ANV

– Speaker in several International Professional Conferences and Workshops

– Judge in several International contests for Professional Filmmakers

– Organizer of the Caldera Workshop for Professional Photographers & Filmmakers

Santorini Elopement filmed by Wedding filmmaker Kostas Petsas


cinema of poetry wanderlust meaning travel dates image

I feel blessed to be a destination wedding filmmaker, for 8 years now, in Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Spetses or Athens in Greece, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Venice, Umbria, Lake Como in Italy, in the Swiss alps, in Paris, Nice and the French Riviera in France, and in Mallorca and Canary Islands in Spain. But I also enjoy to shoot video and photography for elopements and intimate adventurous weddings in Iceland, the Isle of Skye, Ireland, in Europe, Dubai, Morocco, Cuba, Riviera Maya and all around the world.

Many places are still on my bucket list. If you are planning to elope or to get married in one of these places get in touch. I would love to film your adventurous wedding or elopement and tell your story in an authentic and original way:

Destination Wedding filmmaker travel dates and bucket list

Faroe Islands

I am always on the move. Let me know about your plans and we can meet somewhere on this planet.