About the Cinema of poetry

Memory clings to the wall
bent sapling, hair blowing
mast bent to the starboard.
The wind forever in motion
because time stumbles in darkness
on a splinter of light

“Camera” – A. M. Sullivan

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A Poet with a Camera

My Story

Hello, I am Kostas. My passion for cinema, music, and poetry has always been my driving force. Back in high school, I used to write poetry and play guitar in a pop band.

After acquiring a strong scientific background in university, life has led me to follow different professional paths, focusing first on academic research and consequently on finance and business. But I never really found myself in this. I have eventually decided to quit office life and find my way back to arts, as a filmmaker and as a photographer. This made me start writing again.

I am a destination wedding filmmaker, based in Greece, Italy, and France. Available all around Europe and the world to document your story in the most authentic and personal way. My philosophy is to focus on the things that matter the most: people, moments, and emotions. This is what makes your film unique, representative of who you are, and a treasured heirloom for you and your family.

Connection, Dedication & Trust

my Professional Ethos

Forget about clichés and protocols! Your wedding film is not a copy-paste of another couple’s film. An authentic story is told from the heart: I love hearing all the details about you and your journey together. The way you met, the things you like to do, your dreams. All this helps me identify and unfold the story. Connecting with you on a personal level, and building a true relationship based on mutual trust is a crucial part of the process. This is how I can create a cinematic narrative, which is not only about the story of your day, but about your story as a couple in the first place.

Outdoors intimate weddings and adventure elopements always provide the best opportunity to spend more time with you and to unfold the story in the most creative and distinctive way. But, my advice as a wedding filmmaker, is to plan the celebration that represents your own, in-your-zone, personalities and that gives you the freedom to be yourselves. Your wedding day is all about you.

wedding filmmaker Kostas Petsas in the desert of Morocco

A Poetry of Memories

Cinema of Poetry celebrates my fascination with the intersection of poetry, film, and the avant-garde.
It has a clear reference to the essay by the iconic Italian filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini, a poet himself, that explored the analogies of cinematic language with semiotics in written language.

Why should you book me for your Wedding Film?

your trusted storyteller

When planning your destination wedding you may feel overwhelmed with vendors, timelines, packages, guest list menus, and legal requirements. Looking back after a few years, you’ll be able to see the bigger picture and realize that what matters is the essence of your wedding relationship and your story in the first place. Although this sounds like a cliché, your wedding film and pictures are the most important keepsakes from your celebration day. Here are three reasons why you should consider booking me as your wedding filmmaker.


Storytelling is something inherent in human nature. We all crave for engaging stories to connect with, and every couple has a story that is worth telling. My motivation as a wedding filmmaker is to create your cinematic narrative through the prism of my own vision and inspiration. After many years you will cherish a wedding film that is not simply the story of of your special day, but rather that tells your whole story as a couple through your wedding celebration. Looking back, your film will remind you why you two have chosen to be together in the first place.

Kind Words

What has been and a promise of what is to come

Want to hear how the whole experience of working together feels? Below, you can read kind words from couples that have booked me as their wedding filmmaker… Swipe left or right to read more Testimonials. If we have worked together in the past and you want to share some love, feel free to add your heartfelt testimonial.

Your Memory Box

Love is Eternal but Memories can Fade. This is your Memory Box!