Alternative wedding videographer filming an artistic couple for a fine art wedding film

Alternative Wedding Videographer – Fine Art Visual Poetry Wedding Film

The exact date, the hour,
the minute, the precise second
are all uncountable
There is no movement or sense of direction
Something is flowing, running, swirling
Spinning like an eddy on a stream
Outside all seems still and stagnant...

"Filigree & Shadow" - Mick Rooney

Have you ever thought of having a fine art visual poetry film as your wedding video? Well, if you are a non-traditional and creative couple, like these two, you may have already had! Marilou and Apostolos, an artistic couple, desired something different for their wedding video. So they started looking for a non-traditional wedding videographer. They got in touch with me, after watching my work online, because they did apreciate the fact that I have a rather alternative wedding videographer style. When we first met in the studio, I proposed them to create a piece of fine art visual poetry film for their wedding.

fine art wedding videographer filming a portrait of an alternative couple for a non-traditional visual poetry film
A tender moment in sunshine. Frame of the visual poetry video

The film narrative is in Greek, but english subtitles are available if you press the cc button.

Kyparissia: A picturesque spot to get married in Greece

The wedding took place in Kyparissia. A picturesque small town in northwestern Messenia, Peloponnese. Situated among a hill and a gulf it is an ideal setting to enjoy both mountain and sea landscapes.

Aerial view of Kyparissia by a wedding videographer
Aerial view of Kyparissia. The backdrop for this creative wedding video

Alternative Fine Art Wedding Video: The Story

Love is Poetry

Marilou and Apostolos have both artistic backgrounds, in particular as actors in theatre. Their first meeting actually happened in a theatrical play, where they were playing two different characters. They immediately felt a deep connection between their souls which brought them together. This is how the story started.

An alternative first kiss on the beach filmed by a fine art wedding videographer for a non-traditional visual poetry film
A first kiss by a non-traditional and artistic couple, used as an element of fine art wedding videography

The speeches by the couple

They met as two characters in a play, but they eventually became the protagonists in their own “play” (their wedding and life together). This was simply meant to be!

We decided to build the whole concept of their fine art wedding video around this analogy. Their life seen as an actual theatrical play, where they are called to become their own characters, eventually.

fine art wedding videographer filming an alternative couple
An artistic couple in a non-traditional creative wedding video. No problem if the wedding dress gets wet right after the wedding ceremony!

As a non-traditional / alternative wedding videographer, I invited the couple to write each one their own narrative of their story. These narratives were my main inspiration to compose a fine art wedding video for their day. In this visual poetry I used a lot of multiple exposures and time remapping techniques, to underline the duality in their existence as “actors” both in theatre and life.

For those who might be interested in more “technical” aspects, the film has been color graded using my own Poetry LUTs.

Getting ready

The bride and groom got ready in two different floors of a picturesque house by the sea. Friends and family enjoyed a warm and cosy atmosphere during the preparations. Marilou looked awesome in her earth tones wedding dress by Made Bride, while Apostolos opted for a modern looking green tone suit by Dimitris Petrou. They were both elegant, yet unconventional. The perfect combination of an alternative couple with an alternative wedding videographer ?.

Alternative picture of a wedding dress by a non-traditional wedding videographer
Earth tones of the wedding dress in harmony with the surroundings. Frame extract from this alternative wedding video
A couple in a visual poetry wedding film by a creative wedding videographer
A frame from this visual poetry wedding film. Nostalgia is a key element of inspiration for a non-traditional wedding videographer

The ceremony

The wedding ceremony took place in the central church of Kyparissia. The church where Apostolos was Christened as a child. The first look was a very emotional moment for both. When the bride arrived they had a very warm first hug and shed a few tears of joy. It was one of these unique emotional moments to capture on video.

fine art wedding videographer filming a portrait of an alternative bride for a visual poetry film
An alternative wedding video for a non-traditional couple: Creative portrait of the bride, frame of the visual poetry
Alternative couple filmed in the blue hour by a non-traditional wedding videographer
Filming in the blue hour. Creative moments for an artistic couple

Right after the ceremony we spent some time with the couple at the beach nearby. The imposing colors of the sunset, combined with the wild sea waves, composed a unique environment for some creative filming.
A great party by the sea followed till the early morning hours.

The day after filming

The day after the wedding the couple hosted a brunch for their guests in an old watermill, dating from 1850. I proposed to do some additional filming inside the watermill. The harsh rays of sun light, combined with the dark interiors of the mill, created a very moody atmosphere. This was very reminiscent of theatrical stage lighting. Something familiar for both of them. We were fortunate to film these scenes, as they definitely added to the mood of the visual poetry.

Non-traditional couple filmed by an alternative fine art wedding videographer
Playing with natural light in an old watermill. Frame from this visual poetry film
Creative wedding videographer filming an alternative couple
A romantic scene in the old watermill. Part of this visual poetry video

It was a great joy for me to work with Marilou and Apostolos as their alternative wedding Videographer in Kyparissia. Sharing artistic backgrounds and non traditional approaches.

Wedding Photographer

The pictures featured in this article are actual frames of the visual poetry film. But it has been a great pleasure working together with Sotiris Tsakanikas the photographer of this wedding. Sotiris is a great person and an amazing fine art photographer. We’ve had a great time together and an excellent coordination during this wedding. I am definitely looking forward to working together with him again in the future.

Your Alternative Wedding Video as a Visual Poetry

This type of unconventional videography work is definitely not for everyone. This is why I feel really blessed to meet alternative and non-traditional couples that ask me to be their wedding videographer.

fine art wedding videographer filming a portrait of an alternative bride for a visual poetry film
Alternative portrait of the bride used as a visual element of fine art videography

Documenting a story in a different way is always challenging. And, of course, using cinematic language and abstract visual elements to create a fine art wedding video is far from the mainstream “cliches” of the wedding video industry. But these are also some of the reasons that I like to film weddings and personal stories in the first place.

Frame from a visual poetry video created by an alternative wedding videographer representing a couple
It feels great to have the artistic freedom to create a fine art wedding video for a rather unconventional couple. The perks of being a non-traditional wedding videographer

My philosophy as an alternative wedding videographer

If you are an unconventional couple, then you came to the right place. I am an alternative wedding videographer, always looking to create something fresh and different. Having influences both by arthouse films and documentary, I strive to create fine art visual poetry films for my couples. Feel free to check out some of my other non-traditional wedding videos:
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Artistic couple running on the beach filmed by an alternative wedding videographer for a visual poetry wedding film
Running on the beach of Kyparissia: A visual poetry wedding video frame

If you feel that we are a good match, do get in touch with me. I would love to meet you in person and hear your story.

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  • Venue

    Ammos Club Restaurant

  • Planning

    Spread the Sparkle

  • Photographer

    Sotiris Tsakanikas

  • Filmmaker

    Cinema of Poetry

  • Wedding Dress

    Made Bride by Antonea

  • Groom Attire

    Dimitris Petrou

  • Live Music

    Duo Violins

  • Hair & Make Up

    Roula Marinopoulou

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