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This is a selection of some of my Wedding & Elopement films, including destination weddings in Greece, Italy, France, Iceland and Morocco or around the world. I love to film all kind of wedding ceremonies or adventurous elopements that fit your own style. Be it an outdoors wedding, an intimate barn wedding, a civil wedding, a boho elopement on the beach, or a religious wedding, I am always delighted to tell your story.

Everyone is unique and each couple has a different story. Therefore, instead of proposing you a repetitive “recipe”, I strive to create a unique and personalized wedding or elopement video for each couple. Many of these films have been awarded in top international festivals and/or in competitions of relevant professional associations.

My approach to wedding & Elopement filmmaking is always based on storytelling and sets the human element in the center of the narrative. The aim of my videos is not to impress you with eye-catching visuals mixed on top of cool music, but, instead, to go to the essence of things and to tell a veritable love story. To transmit a real human experience.

All heroes or protagonists of a Wedding or Elopement film have their own individual struggles and their way to resolution, or relief. Life is not paved with roses. I always chat with you beforehand, in order to identify all the possible struggles, milestones, and all the relevant elements and details that may help me put your story together.

I use cinematic language and narrative techniques to transmit my message to the viewers, so that their brain can sync with the idea that I want to transmit as a filmmaker. This is how they can connect emotionally with the story and feel empathy.

My philosophy is that Wedding & Elopement films need not simply be a traditional event coverage, or footage collection for family archival purposes. My ultimate purpose is to create a cinematic narrative, or a visual poetry, that can touch the viewer on an emotional level, while telling your story in the most personalized and distinctive way.

I am Kostas Petsas, your Multi Awarded Destination Wedding Videographer in Greece. Elected International Filmmaker of the year 2018 & 2019 and Europe’s Best Wedding Video 2018.

We all crave about interesting stories, so let’s talk about yours!

Kythnos Wedding Videographer featured image of the couple Cinema of Poetry Decorative icon sun

KYTHNOS WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER – Destination micro Wedding in Private Villa Kythnos

September 3, 2020 / Wedding & Elopement Films

This film is about the story of two people that travelled to three different countries and changed five different places before settling down to Greece. Martina and Dimitris are a mixed couple that travelled all the way from the Netherlands for an intimate micro wedding in private Vikka Kythnos. Their story is about enjoying the journey in life as much as you can, without always looking for the final destination.

Austrian Alps wedding videographer filming winter elopement in Lake Achensee Tirol cinema of poetry decorative image

AUSTRIAN ALPS WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER – Winter Elopement in Lake Achensee

April 26, 2020 / Wedding & Elopement Films

This film is about the story of two adventurous souls that travelled to the Austrian Alps from the UK, to enjoy snowboarding and exchange their vows on the banks of lake Achensee. An intimate romantic story of a minimalist winter elopement on a white snowy landscape. First snow is like first love. Do you remember your first snow?

Wedding Videographer in Crete Featured Image cinema of poetry videographer decorative image

CRETE WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER – Balos Lagoon Destination Elopement Wedding

March 4, 2020 / Wedding & Elopement Films

This film is about the adventure of two traveller souls that came all the way from New York to hike and exchange their vows in front of Balos lagoon in Crete. What makes their story so unique is that they have decided to quit everything and travel the world while they are young. Life is too short to be boring and we should all enjoy every single drop of it.

Umbria destination wedding videographer elopement in Panicale cinema of poetry decorative image

UMBRIA WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER – Destination Wedding in Villa Rey Panicale

February 19, 2020 / Wedding & Elopement Films

Julie and Jim came all the way from New Zealand to Italy to exchange their vows in their dream wedding location in Panicale, Italy and had me as their Umbria Wedding Videographer. Together with their friends and family they held a beautiful intimate ceremony in Villa Rey. As Julie's mother pointed out in her speech, a wedding is about the energy that, not only brings together a couple for life, but also brings together different lineages of people. On that day all their beloved ones stood there beside them.

Paxos Wedding Videographer filming a Lebanese destination Wedding in Paxos cinema of poetry decorative image

PAXOS WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER – Lebanese Destination Wedding in Greece

February 5, 2020 / Wedding & Elopement Films

What happens when a Lebanese Colombian girl and a Southern French guy meet by chance in Australia? They decide to get married in Greece of course! A multi-awarded, emotional, short documentary that I'm happy to have created for the couple of Stephanie and Clement as their Wedding Videographer in Paxos

Venice wedding videographer filming bride in Rialto cinema of poetry decorative image

VENICE WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER – Destination Wedding in Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal

December 30, 2019 / Wedding & Elopement Films

A destination wedding film of a beautiful couple that I've had the chance to film as a Venice Wedding Videographer in Italy. This wedding video unfolds as a visual poetry. Tourbillon, or Tour De Manège, love is always a beautiful mystery. Love and life always evolve in circle.

Morocco Wedding Videographer filming Marrakech Elopement in the desert with camels cinema of poetry decorative image

MOROCCO WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER – Marrakech Inspiration Elopement

December 14, 2019 / Wedding & Elopement Films

This film is an inspiration elopement video in Morocco. An art story for a destination elopement video in Marrakech that explores the concept of love through the possible co-existence of several parallel versions of our universe.

Santorini Elopement wedding in Oia cinema of poetry decorative image


December 2, 2019 / Wedding & Elopement Films

Lindsey & Dune both have their children from their respective previous marriages. Their love story is intense, raw and emotional. Exactly as their vows at their elopement in Santorini

cinema of poetry decorative image


December 1, 2019 / Wedding & Elopement Films

This is the beautiful and emotional story of a couple of equals. A story of true love but also a symbolic message for equality.

wedding couple lying on an astronomical clock cinema of poetry decorative image

DESTINATION WEDDING FILMMAKER Showreel Video – A Visual Poetry about Time

November 30, 2019 / Wedding & Elopement Films

This is my Destination Wedding Filmmaker Showreel. A collection of my "best" wedding video moments, combined together to tell another story. A bit of my own story. A poetry about the concept of time.