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This is a selection of some of my Wedding & Elopement films, including destination weddings in Greece, Italy, France, Iceland and Morocco or around the world. I love to film all kind of wedding ceremonies or adventurous elopements that fit your own style. Be it an outdoors wedding, an intimate barn wedding, a civil wedding, a boho elopement on the beach, or a religious wedding, I am always delighted to tell your story.

Everyone is unique and each couple has a different story. Therefore, instead of proposing you a repetitive “recipe”, I strive to create a unique and personalized wedding or elopement video for each couple. Many of these films have been awarded in top international festivals and/or in competitions of relevant professional associations.

My approach to wedding & Elopement filmmaking is always based on storytelling and sets the human element in the center of the narrative. The aim of my videos is not to impress you with eye-catching visuals mixed on top of cool music, but, instead, to go to the essence of things and to tell a veritable love story. To transmit a real human experience.

All heroes or protagonists of a Wedding or Elopement film have their own individual struggles and their way to resolution, or relief. Life is not paved with roses. I always chat with you beforehand, in order to identify all the possible struggles, milestones, and all the relevant elements and details that may help me put your story together.

I use cinematic language and narrative techniques to transmit my message to the viewers, so that their brain can sync with the idea that I want to transmit as a filmmaker. This is how they can connect emotionally with the story and feel empathy.

My philosophy is that Wedding & Elopement films need not simply be a traditional event coverage, or footage collection for family archival purposes. My ultimate purpose is to create a cinematic narrative, or a visual poetry, that can touch the viewer on an emotional level, while telling your story in the most personalized and distinctive way.

I am Kostas Petsas, your Multi Awarded Destination Wedding Videographer in Greece. Elected International Filmmaker of the year 2018 & 2019 and Europe’s Best Wedding Video 2018.

We all crave about interesting stories, so let’s talk about yours!

Anafi Wedding Videographer cinema of poetry decorative image

ANAFI WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER – Documentary of a Greek Island Wedding

November 9, 2019 / Wedding & Elopement Films

The intimate wedding of Fani and Stavros could not have taken place anywhere else than on the small island of Anafi. An awarded, emotional, short documentary that I'm proud to have created for the couple as a Wedding Videographer in Anafi.

Santorini Adventurous Elopement cinema of poetry decorative image


November 3, 2019 / Wedding & Elopement Films

An Inspiration Adventurous Elopement in Santorini. A video poetry for this beautiful couple filmed in some of the most breathtaking spots of the island

Athens Riviera Wedding Videographer filming couple Athens downtown cinema of poetry videographer decorative image

ATHENS RIVIERA WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER – Vouliagmeni Lake Destination Wedding

November 2, 2019 / Wedding & Elopement Films

An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds one thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by the Gods. Sebastian and Eleni folded 999 origami cranes, leaving the last crane for their destination wedding ceremony in Lake Vouliagmeni in the Athenian Riviera.

Adventurous Elopement filmed by Wedding Videographer in Gran Canaria cinema of poetry decorative image

WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER IN GRAN CANARIA – Inspiration Elopement Visual Poetry

October 27, 2019 / Wedding & Elopement Films

This is an inspiration elopement that I had the chance to film as a Wedding Videographer in Gran Canaria. A video poetry for love created for this adventurous couple

Lefkada wedding videographer filming a couple cinema of poetry decorative image

LEFKADA WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER – Destination Wedding in the Ionian

October 20, 2019 / Wedding & Elopement Films

A short film that evolves in three parts. The intimate wedding of Velina and Julien that I've had the chance to film as a Lefkada Wedding Videographer.