Destination Wedding Showreel: Couple laying on an astronomical clock

A Visual Poetry about Time – Destination Wedding Showreel Film

I have no power against this bitter cold,
this weakness and this trembling, I am old;
who am I, why do I wait here, what have I lost?
nothing or everything but I gain this

"In Time of Gold" - H. D.

Here is my Destination Wedding Showreel Film. A collection of my “best” video moments for 2018, combined together to tell another story. A poetry about the concept of time. One of the most interesting aspects as a wedding videographer is meeting lovely people from all around the globe and traveling to some of the most iconic locations worldwide to film their stories. For me it is very important to have the artistic freedom to design on a white canvas and tell a story that potentially other people are going to connect with. It is always a great challenge, but also a great stimulation. One of the reasons why I have chosen to become a wedding videographer in the first place.

Destination Wedding Filmmaker shooting an Elopement in the Desert
Adventurous Elopement in the Desert

The concept of this film has also a reference to my own story, and my background as a quantum physicist! Watch the film, then keep reading to discover the ideas behind the concept.

Destination Wedding Showreel: a year in Retrospective

I want to start out by saying that I am so grateful for the opportunities that life gave me this year. Having the chance to work as a destination Wedding and Elopement Videographer in Greece, Italy, Iceland, Europe and around the world is a DREAM! After the end of each year we use to do a retrospective analysis and remember some of the highlights. This is also the motivation behind this Destination Wedding Showreel Film.

Destination Wedding Filmmaker shooting a Bride portrait in Iceland
Same Sex Elopement in Iceland
Destination Wedding Filmmaker shooting a Wedding in Anafi
Wedding in Anafi Greece
Destination Wedding Filmmaker shooting a Wedding in Monemvasia
Wedding in Monemvasia Greece
Destination Videographer Showreel: Couple underwater
Destination Wedding in Spetses Greece
Destination Wedding Filmmaker shooting a Wedding in Paros
Destination Wedding in Paros Greece
Destination Wedding Filmmaker shooting a Wedding in Athens
Wedding in Athens Greece
Destination Wedding Showreel: Couple floating in the Sea
Wedding in Kythnos Greece
Destination Wedding Filmmaker shooting a LGBT Same Sex Elopement in Iceland
Same Sex Elopement in Iceland

Year highlights

This year has been a blast. I have met new people, and lived unforgettable moments. Embarked on 18 planes and missed twice my flights (yes shit happens). My work has brought me to travel to 6 countries in two different continents and to meet new cultures and ways of life. I have received more than 30 awards from international film festivals and a few more from the most important professional associations. 2018 has ended in the best possible way by receiving 2 Golden Lens awards and being elected as International Videographer of the Year by Inspiration Photographers. One of the most prestigious International Professional Associations counting more than 2.000 members worldwide. All these lovely moments are packed in this retrospective Destination Wedding Showreel Film.

Destination Wedding Filmmaker shooting a Wedding in Antiparos
Destination Wedding Showreel Film: Antiparos Greece
Destination Wedding Filmmaker shooting a Wedding in Milos
Destination Wedding Showreel Film: Milos Greece
Destination Wedding Filmmaker shooting an Elopement in Gran Canaria
Destination Wedding Showreel Film: Gran Canaria Elopement
Destination Wedding Filmmaker shooting an Elopement in Iceland
Destination Wedding Showreel Film: Iceland Elopement

I would like to thank all the couples for their trust, love, friendship and support and wish from the bottom of my heart a prosperous and creative year full of good surprises amazing discoveries and unique experiences.

Destination wedding showreel: a story on the concept of time

Is time an illusion? Do multiple realities exist in the present? Is time even real? Can we freeze it or travel backwards to relive the moments? In our conventional way of thinking and within our finite conception of reality, our perception is that events are ephemeral. But when we experience the strongest of emotions we may feel momentarily that we can reach eternity.

a pre-Wedding in Bern Switzerland
Wedding in the Swiss Alps
Elopement Videographer: an Adventurous Film in Santorini
Adventurous Elopement in Santorini
Destination Wedding Filmmaker shooting a Wedding in Sifnos
Destination Wedding in Sifnos Greece

Crafting a destination wedding film can be considered as a possible way to freeze the feeling and make it somewhat eternal. One moment can be so short, but at the same time one single moment can contain an infinite sequence of events and emotions…

Destination Wedding Filmmaker shooting a Wedding in Greece
Destination Wedding in Greece
Destination Wedding Filmmaker shooting an Elopement in Santorini
Elopement Videographer: Destination Wedding in Santorini

In this film you can find scenes from some of my most recent wedding videos: Iceland Elopement, Anafi Wedding, Lefkada Wedding, Santorini Inspiration Elopement, Gran Canaria Inspiration Elopement, Santorini wedding, Madrid Experimental Documentary, and speech from the Athens Riviera video, only to name a few.

a Bride portrait before wedding in Paris
Destination Wedding in Paris

Wedding Cinematography Awards

This wedding showreel film has received the annual Grand Award and the Golden Award (First Place) in the Concept Video Category in the ASIA WPA 2019, International Competition. Asia Wedding Photographers Association has one of the most disputed and competitive contest for Wedding and portrait photographers, destination Wedding Filmmakers and Elopement Videographers Worldwide. It is with great pleasure that I receive this accolade. It is always a challenge to create a story, using elements of several other independent stories. And apparently this has been a success! Check out more on my Awards in the dedicated Section.

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  1. This is such a beautiful piece of art! You have gone on such amazing adventures with the couples you work with and have compiled the footage into something truly unique and beautiful. Congratulations!

    • The feeling that other people do connect with a story that you tell is really rewarding. When that particular story starts as an inspiration from your own personal experiences or thoughts and imagination, this feeling becomes even stronger and meaningful. For me this is the essence of creativity. Thank you straight from heart Jessica for your kind words!

  2. Wow, that one greek wedding looks like right out of the set of Mamma Mia! This is amazing and makes me want to marry right now just to be able to book you for it. Amazing work, well done!

    • Thank you so much for these words Flavia. Filming destination wedding videos all over the Greek islands I get to see a lot of weddings that are inspired by the film Mamma Mia. Thankfully, because this is an awesome movie.

  3. Uhhh WHAT!! This film is just incredible! All of those couples and their adventures look amazing. I’d LOVE to learn video someday!!

  4. Wow this is truly incredible! You did such an incredible job with every detail. Well done my friend!

    • Thank you Mollie. Every single detail counts and I think that it is these small details that can really enhance the overall narrative experience in a wedding film.

  5. LOVE your style. It’s so emotional and captivating, and such a beautiful video overview of your year. I love the drone shot of him spinning his bride around in the middle of the road – so pretty!!

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