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Of all the questions
you might want to ask
about angels,
the only one you ever hear is
how many can dance on the head of a pin

“Questions About Angels” – B. Collins

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FAQ about my Philosophy & Style

get to know your wedding videographer

Your wedding or elopement film will be one of the only tangible mementos of your big day that will last a lifetime. Hence, finding a wedding videographer who will create a unique, emotional, and poignant film is very important. It is also a really exciting part of your planning process, since after all, this is how you will both remember these moments for the rest of your days.

Before we meet and chat in person to see if we are a good match, I want to provide you with some information that can help you understand if we’re on the same page. Hereafter, you can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about your wedding videographer, which are representative of my approach and professional ethos. First, a few FAQs regarding the philosophy and the style of my work.

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How would you define your style?

My films are a good balance between arthouse cinema and documentary. I strive to know your story beforehand to think about the key elements that your film should focus on. While my approach is laid back and discreet, I use cinema techniques and collect all the emotional and narrative elements that help me tell your story in the most authentic and representative way. You are welcome to watch some of my films.

What sets your work apart?

Chemistry, connection, empathy, and trust are the key elements in my philosophy as a wedding filmmaker. A strong connection with my couples and a deep understanding of who they are, help me tell their story most authentically. I believe that my working ethos, passion, attention to detail, personal time, and soul that I put into my films make my work unique.

What type of weddings do you film?

I specialize in luxury, multi-day destination weddings, but I take any type of wedding celebration, provided all the conditions to connect with you and tell a great story are met. Outdoors, civil, religious, adventurous elopements, vow renewal… I really love to travel anywhere in the world to film the type of wedding that gives you the freedom to be yourself.

How far would you travel for our wedding?

There is no such place as far away!
My work has brought me to travel all over Europe (Italy, Spain France, Iceland, to name a few), but also to other continents (Morocco, US, Canada, Brazil). With that said, I am based in Athens, and I also enjoy filming destination weddings in Greece, my homeland.
Get in touch to chat about your next adventure and I’ll be happy to take care of booking my own airfare, hotel and transport so that you can solely focus on your preps for the big day.

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Do you work alone?

Sometimes, especially for elopements, and intimate weddings, it may be possible to film the event by myself. However, to ensure the highest standards and be consistent with the quality of my work, most events require that I hire additional shooters. I am more than glad to bring along someone from my team or book a local second shooter through my professional network, depending on the location of your wedding. I’d be glad to discuss this with you more in detail, depending on the requirements of your event, and then arrange everything accordingly.

What cameras and gear do you use?

When you watch a nice film on the big screen you don’t think about the gear that was used on set. For your wedding too, I ask you to worry less about technicalities and to trust my creative approach and experience. I use the latest professional mirrorless cinema cameras by Sony, combined with a set of professional sound recorders to capture good audio. I have backup cameras and a set of other tools (gimbal, drone, lights, etc.) to use depending on the particular situation of each wedding. But remember that in my approach it is less about the gear and more about the story.

Do you offer photography as well?

I believe that your film and photography styles should match. It is also important to ensure a flawless collaboration between vendors on your special day. This is why my team can also offer wedding photography with a style that is consistent with my films.
With that said, I am always happy to work with your photographer of choice, or to refer you to some of the best photographers that share the same professional ethos as me.

We are eloping. Can you help with our planning?

I will do my best to share with you all my previous work knowledge and experience to help you pick your spot, and vendors and plan all things at best. With that said, I will not book other vendors on your behalf. If you need a planner I will gladly refer you to some of the best professionals in the industry so that you can relax and enjoy the journey.

We have cried so much while watching our film. It is simply us, and we love it. We would like to keep it forever as it’s one of the most beautiful experiences of all times

Marta & Eider

Let’s Tell Your Story

Not only will your film bring back the memories of how it felt on your special day,
but also will remind you why you two have chosen to be together, in the first place.
Are you ready to create a cinematic documentary portraying your love story?

FAQ about the Process

what to expect when you work with me

I have also compiled a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), regarding the process when we start working together for your wedding videography. What to expect, from our first conversation till the day you receive your film. You can scroll down to navigate through the questions below.

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How early should we book you?

To ensure the highest standards and quality of my work and to provide you with an exclusive service, I accept booking only a limited number of events per year. If my work and artistic approach speaks to your soul don’t wait to get in touch. Let’s connect today!

What is the process to book you?

Fill in my contact form with some information that I need to understand your story and your event better. I’ll get back to you with my brochure and a few additional details. We will then set up a video call (or meeting in person in the Studio), to tailor together all the details to best fit your plans. Once we have decided that we are a good match, I will send an agreement for you to sign and return with a 50% retainer fee. Your date is fully reserved thereafter. You are always welcome to meet me in person in my Studio in Athens.

What kind of films do you deliver?

I generally deliver a short film (5 – 7 min) and/or a feature film (20 min). I am more than glad to discuss with you additional deliverables that suit your needs (Instagram reels, full ceremony, full speeches, original footage, etc.).

What’s your turnaround time?

Crafting a unique arthouse film for your special day requires a lot of inspiration, commitment, and passion. I work meticulously on my post-production to create the best for you. While I understand that you want to relive your special moments as soon as possible, I really appreciate your patience for 6 months before you receive your film(s).

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Can we choose the soundtrack of our film?

Sound design and relevant licensed music selection are some of the aspects that I curate meticulously in my post-production process. I ask you to trust me in using licensed cinematic soundtrack and audio as I find fit. I use the audio as a narrative instrument to enhance the storytelling experience, rather than having cool music set to nice imagery.

Do you offer hourly wedding coverage?

To ensure the quality of my work, I need to make certain that enough elements to tell your story will be captured during the day. We can discuss the coverage of your event on a per-case basis, but keep in mind that an art-house wedding film should not be stripped down to hours of filming. The main part of the creative process lies in the inspiration of the concept and the post-production, not the hours of filming.

How much does it cost to book you?

My rates are consistent with the high quality of my work and with my professional ethos which requires 24/7 dedication to my craft. I am happy to share a general videography collection & pricing with you, but most of the time I build a custom quote that is tailored to meet the needs of your event.

What extras do you charge for destination weddings?

I ask you for the fees to pay my booking for accommodation, car rental and airfare to travel to your wedding destination. The expenses depend on the location and the time of the year. Expenses are generally not included in my rates, but, If you are interested, I will do my research and send you a quote to see if we can work together. Sometimes, I already happen to be in the same country you are getting married, so the best thing is that you inquire and then we can discuss to plan all details better.

Have more questions for your wedding videographer?
Send me a message and we can hop on a call to discuss everything in person