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Best Isle of Skye Wedding Videographer filming Old Man of Storr
Old Man of Storr an amazing and moody location for your elopement wedding video in Isle of Skye, Scotland

If you’re looking for one of Europe’s best wedding videographers to capture your elopement in the dramatic scenery on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, then you came to the right place! I specialize in shooting wedding and elopement videos with stunning backdrops, truly training the camera on the beauty surrounding your nuptial ceremony. When you get married in such a spectacular setting as the Isle of Skye, the same setting that has been celebrated through poetry and song for centuries, then you want a videographer who can capture the essence of this mythical land.

Elope at the Isle of Skye  

The Isle of Skye is famous for its mountainous terrain and rocky slopes, a landscape both breathtaking and wonderous. Filled with abundant wildlife, the rugged natural beauty of the terrain has captivated artists and filmmakers for centuries, having made its way into a number of novels and feature films. For the adventurous couples, the Isle of Skye provides challenging hikes and climbs. There is no better backdrop than this natural wonder for a breathtaking elopement ceremony celebrating your love.

Isle of Skye Wedding Videographer filming Outdoors Elopement
The moody landscape of the Scottish Highlands is a stunning backdrop for your elopement wedding video in the Isle of Skye

Where to hold your elopement ceremony on the Isle of Skye

There are plenty of sites in Isle of Skye that make for breathtaking backgrounds, all of which will help us create a moody cinematic wedding video for your special day. Here are only some of the wondrous spots, where I am happy to shoot your destination wedding video

Best Isle of Skye Wedding Videographer filming landscape
View of neist point lighthouse and rocky ocean coastline, Highlands of Scotland
Best Isle of Skye Wedding Videographer moody elopement
As one of the Best Isle of Skye elopement Videographers in Scotland I try to incorporate the moody environment of the Highlands in your wedding film seemlessly

Old Man of Storr

The “old Man” of Storr is one of the most iconic images in an already iconic place. This large, jutting rock is visible for miles and serves as one of the most consistently photographed sites in all the world. Because of its grandiose beauty, the landmark looks like it was born from a myth, making for one of the most captivating backdrops for your wedding video.

The Fairy Glen

Filled with picturesque ponds and trickling waterfalls, this fairytale landscape feels miles away from reality. A wedding at the Fairy Glen may just result in a glimpse of the many mythical fairies said to reside on the Isle of Skye. The ideal place to for a moody wedding videographer in Scotland to tell your story.

Fairy Pools

There are few sites on the Isle of Skye that aren’t rooted in myth. The entire region is famous for its fairytale landscape, and the Fairy Pools are no exception. Filled with Celtic myth, the blue waters and small waterfalls making up Fairy Pools are considered some of the most wondrous swimming holes in the world. The water is so clear you can often see the stones at the bottom.

Best Isle of Skye Wedding Videographer
Best Isle of Skye elopement Videographer: Let’s capture your Elopement in the Scottish Highlands in a Unique cinematic film

Wedding Video in Isle of Skye

As your Isle of Skye wedding videographer in Scotland, I can capture the unique landscape and picturesque qualities of the above sites or others in the Scottish Highlands. But, of course, your wedding video is not only about the landscape. It is about your story as a couple in the first place. My aim is to produce an authentic and timeless film which is true to who you are.

Watch some of my most recent destination wedding and elopement videos and you will understand why my wedding videography style is different from anybody else’s style. I would like to create a unique and original wedding video in Isle of Skye for you.

Why choose me as your elopement wedding videographer in Isle of Skye?  

I am Kostas, your wedding videographer in Isle of Skye, Scotland

My name is Kostas, and I am a wedding videographer based in Europe. I have traveled the world with couples as I capture their wedding and elopement ceremonies. From the pre-wedding preparations to the moment the vows are exchanged and beyond, I capture the character of the couple and their ceremony.

I focus on capturing the stunning scenery of your destination wedding or elopement while incorporating the people, moments, and emotions that make up your big day.

“Watching our video transports me back to my wedding day in such a way that is unexplainable, it brings tears to my eyes every time. Thank you for truly capturing the essence of our love”

Vanna & Kevin
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Wedding Cinematography Awards

When you re-watch a wedding video, or when you show it to future generations, you want it to truly capture the moment and the love you feel for your spouse. That’s why you only choose the best in wedding videography. As the recipient of numerous awards including the Wedding videographer of the Year (2018 and 2019), the Best Wedding Video in Europe (2018), and the Most awarded videographer of the year (2019), I am glad to be considered as one of the Best Isle of Skye elopement Videographers in Scotland.

When you choose to elope to one of Scotland’s most wondrous landscapes, you want to be sure your destination wedding videographer doesn’t miss one moment worth capturing.

Are you a professional videographer doing your first steps or a photographer looking to get into video instead? Check out my Education page for Professionals.


Looking for the Best Isle of Skye Elopement Videographer? Would you like to have more information about my wedding videography approach? When you make the decision to elope to the Scottish Highlands look no further! Please feel free to reach out with any questions you might have about destination wedding and elopement video packages. Let’s create some magic together!

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