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Kythnos Wedding Videographer – Destination micro Wedding in Private Villa Kythnos

Hope your road is a long one.
May there be many summer mornings when,
with what pleasure, what joy,
you enter harbors you’re seeing for the first time;

"Ithaka" - K. P. Kavafis

Kythnos is the island of the Cyclades where I happened to shoot one of my first destination wedding films, almost 10 years ago. Eversince, I have travelled there quite a few times and know the locations perfectly, so that I can consider myself to be an experience Kythnos Wedding Videographer. As wedding professionals we often get to meet beautiful people and to experience their touching stories. This film is about such a romantic story. The story of a mixed couple, having as a living motto to always focus on the particular knowledge and experiences that each moment in life leaves them, without worrying so much about reaching their final destination and goals. Martina and Dimitris met in the Netherlands and travelled to Greece for their destination micro Wedding in a Private Villa in Kythnos.

Kythnos Wedding Videographer shooting a beautiful image of the couple
Kythnos wedding videographer: Shooting nice and emotional moments before sunset

If you haven’t already enjoyed my other intimate Greece wedding videos in Anafi or Paxos you can check them out. But first you should definitely press play right above and watch this romantic story in Kythnos.

Kythnos: A Unique Greek Island to get married in the Cyclades

I believe that Kythnos is somehow an underrated island when couples plan their destination weddings in the Cyclades in Greece. Not as popular as Mykonos, Santorini or Paros, it remains, however, one of the most interesting islands of the Aegean. Situated very close to Athens at only a 2 hour boat travel, Kythnos exhibits some of the most breathtaking beaches, picturesque villages and interesting wild mountainscapes.

Aerial view of Kolona beach in Kythnos
Kythnos Wedding Videographer: Aerial view of Kolona beach in Kythnos. One of the highlights of the island
Aerial view of Loutra Kythnos before a wedding
Aerial view of Loutra in Kythnos

No wonder that more and more destination weddings are being organized in Kythnos. It offers an opportunity to combine a gathering with the dearest friends and family of the couple, from all over the world, with a nice vacation in one of the most picturesque island of the Cyclades.

Kythnos Destination Wedding: The Story

Life is a journey not a destination

Oftentimes in life we happen to focus on reaching our targets and may forget about enjoying the beauty of each individual moment. Although life is more about enjoying the journey without stressing about the final destination. Martina and Dimitris are a mixed Bulgarian-Greek couple that have met in the Netherlands a few years ago, and their motto in life is indeed to focus more on each moment and the experiences that it brings in their lives, rather than desperately seeking their final destination.

Kythnos Wedding Videographer shooting a beautiful image of the couple
“Let’s don’t focus on reaching our final destination. But focus instead on the individual experiences that each moment in life brings us”. As a Kythnos wedding videographer I get to capture such beautiful moments that help telling the story in the wedding on film

Their common journey consists in a constant change and evolution. During the past six years they have moved to five different places in three different countries. As travelling soulmates they continue to support each other, in every change, enjoying the experiences that they gain along the way.

Surprise Proposal in the Bulgarian Mountains

The story of their wedding begins on a snowy winter day in the Beli Iskar Eco Trail in the heart of the Bulgarian Rila Mountain. While they were enjoying their walk and taking pictures on top of a bridge, the snow started to fall heavier. Then, in a totally unexpected moment, Dimitri fell down in one knee and proposed! She accepted in tears. A very emotional moment.

Wedding proposal in the snow
Surprise wedding proposal in the snow in Rila Mountain

The couple discovered my wedding videography and loved the storytelling approach of my films. They contacted me thereafter to be their Wedding Videographer in Kythnos and to chat about their own story and how we could capture their micro wedding in Kanala. Everything was set for the next step of their journey.

Private Villa Kythnos Wedding in Kanala

The weather was hot but windy for the whole weekend. Having worked quite often as a wedding videographer in Kythnos, I know that these are typical weather conditions for the season on the Cycladic Islands. The couple had booked the Private Villa Kythnos near Kanala for their accommodation and for their wedding reception. It is a nice traditional villa with an infinity pool, overlooking a small bay.

Private Villa Kythnos Wedding preps
Wedding preparations in private Villa Kythnos. View from the infinity pool. A great place to organize a micro wedding in the island of Kythnos
Private Villa Kythnos Wedding preps
Setting up private Villa Kythnos for the wedding reception. A great place to organize a micro wedding in the island of Kythnos

Getting ready

The bride and groom got ready in two different buildings within the Villa, while their families were preparing the latest details of the decoration. Martina went for a minimal classy look in her wedding dress by Demetrios, while Dimitris went for a classic elegance with a tailor made suit by Mezoura.

Bride getting ready for a wedding in Kythnos
Bride getting ready for the wedding in private villa Kythnos
groom preps in private Villa Kythnos
Groom getting ready for the wedding in private villa Kythnos

The ceremony

The outdoors Orthodox ceremony took place in the chapel of Aghia Kalliopi in Kanala, a picturesque church with a stunning view over the deep blue of the Aegean. The bride walked a long path under the pines accompanied by her brother and the sound of traditional local music. It was a magic moment to capture on video.

Aerial view of Kythnos Aghia Kalliopi church in the village of Kanala
Aerial view of Kythnos Aghia Kalliopi church in the village of Kanala
Here comes the bride with traditional instruments from Kythnos
Kythnos Wedding Video: Here comes the bride with traditional music from Kythnos
Kythnos wedding in Kanala
Destination Wedding in Kythnos: Orthodox ceremony in the chappel of Ag. Kalliopi in Kanala
Orthodox wedding ceremony in Agia Kalliopi chapel in Kanala Kythnos
Destination Wedding in Kythnos: The crowning of the couple by the best man is a key moment in the orthodox ceremony

The highlight of the day was probably after the ceremony when we met an elder couple sitting under the shade of the pines. Martina and Dimitris kissed, and so did the elder couple. It was a great and emotional moment to capture. Only later I discovered that the elder couple were just friends!

Kythnos wedding couple kissing while an elder couple looking
Kythnos wedding videographer: The beauty of filming weddings is that interesting stories and anecdotes can occur in the most unexpected moments.

The party

Later in the evening the small group of guests, that had travelled from all around the world, enjoyed the party. The privacy of the Villa allowed for a crazy party, exhibiting among others some typical Bulgarian and Greek customs and music.

Wedding party in private Villa Kythnos
Crazy wedding party in private Villa Kythnos with awesome moments to capture on Video

I truly enjoyed working with Martina and Dimitris as their Kythnos wedding Videographer. They definitely have an interesting and romantic story, and I discovered that we share a lot of things in common in our way of thinking. In particular the fact that we try to give importance to every single moment in life and to appreciate the experience of the journey…

Planning a micro Wedding in Kythnos

If you are planning a destination micro wedding in Kythnos then finding the right team of professionals to help you realize your special day is very important. Having worked very often as a Kythnos Wedding Videographer and knowing the spots of the island, and the peculiarities specific to this island, I am always delighted to offer valuable advice to assist you with your planning process. Destination weddings require a lot of diy. Indeed the couple here, took care of everything by themselves.

Wedding Planner

The best thing is however to hire a wedding planner, for peace of mind, to take care of all the small details that you cannot organize from a distance. If you are ready to get married in Kythnos, I can refer some of the best wedding planners with whom I have worked there. So don’t hesitate to ask.

Kythnos Wedding Videographer shooting a beautiful image of the couple
Capturing the beauty of a destination micro wedding in Kythnos for the wedding video

Wedding Photographer

Although I am not a destination wedding photographer, I always love to use a combination of frames from my videos, thumbnails and my pictures to tell the story. All pictures featured in this article are frames of the actual film. I always enjoy referring you wedding photographers with a similar style and professional ethos to mine. Not only will you get the best pictures alongside your wedding video, it will also be better for me as your videographer to work coordinated with the photographer. So it’s a win win.

In any case, if you are planning your wedding I always suggest that you check the planning tips and guides section of the Blog. You may always find some useful information there.

Your Kythnos Wedding Videographer

I often feel lucky to be able to travel to some of the most iconic and picturesque places all over the Greek Islands, and to film in beautiful locations overlooking the Aegean sea. After having shot many wedding videos in Kythnos it still feels great to meet new couples and hear their stories. Couples that travel from the other side of the world because they have decided to get married in Kythnos. Be it in Kanala, Chora or Loutra. The island is full of amazing locations. You’ll be spoilt for choice picking your ideal venue for your micro wedding in Kythnos and your party till the morning!

My philosophy as a wedding videographer

Every story is different and so is my approach to each wedding film. The characters of the people are the ones that make each story personal and different. So I always try to listen to them and empathize. That is how I can get inside their story and create a short film that truly represents the couple.

Kythnos Wedding Videographer shooting a beautiful image of the couple
Shooting beautiful moments around sunset for the wedding video in Kythnos is always a treat

Are you also planning your destination wedding? I would love to be your wedding videographer in Kythnos. Having my base in Athens, I am always on the move around the Cyclades. Feel free to check out some of my Frequently Asked Questions and if you feel that we are a match, get in touch. 

Let’s start planning how to tell your own personal story and how to create some magic for your wedding in Kythnos.

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