tomorrow I become a mermaid
From my dolphin love
a string of pink pearls
and pink seashells

"A Song of Love" - Sunprincess

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Lefkada Wedding Videographer filming a couple



If you are looking for a Lefkada Wedding Videographer with an original style, out of the usual trends and of the “mainstream” video approach, then you should watch this short film. A wedding video that evolves in three independent parts, like a music concerto. I’ve had the chance to create this for the intimate wedding of Velina and Julien. A mixed, and well realized, couple that celebrated their love among good friends and family in the amazing island of Lefkada, merged in the turquoise colors of the Ionian sea. Press play and enjoy their film, right above, then keep on reading to discover the whole story behind this wedding.

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The island of Lefkada is a unique place to plan your wedding

In the crystalline turqoise waters of the Ionian sea, in western Greece, stands the island of Lefkada. An island that is currently connected via a floating swing bridge (length: 50 m) to the Greek mainland, making it very accessible to the travellers.

Aerial view of Lefkada
Aerial view of the sailboats leaving the port of Lefkada and passing under the floating bridge that connect it to the mainland

Lefkada took its name from the white cape at its southeastern end, Lefkata, which is studded with massive, solid, dazzlingly white rocks. It is the place where tradition demands that the lyric poet, Sappho, bring an end to her life and to her unfortunate love for the handsome Phaon. According to archaeological research, the first traces of life on the island date to the Neolithic – 8,000 years before the birth of Christ. Important finds close to the area of Nydri bear witness to the existence of a culture which had many similarities to that of Epirus.

Lefkada wedding videographer filming aerial view of the city
The town of Lefkada is surrounded by a canal and a lagoon making it ressemble to a fish backbone

This beautiful island has a very rich historic background starting from Greek mythology, with the first inhabitants supposedly being the legendary Lelegoi. The island was taken by Francisco Morozini in 1684. Between then and 1797 it remained under the dominance of Venice. During that time the island experienced important economic and cultural growth. As in all of the Ionian islands, the visitor notes influences from the Venetian colonization still today.

Stunning view of Lefkada from Villas Panorama wedding venue
Stunning view to Lefkada from the hill of Apolpaina where the wedding venue is situated

On Lefkada you will find noteworthy sights, churches and monasteries, picturesque villages, lush vegetation, idyllic coves of transparent, turquoise waters, busy and secluded beaches of stunning beauty, a significant cultural heritage and hospitable locals. Therefore, Lefkada is the perfect destination wedding location, especially if you wan to combine an intimate wedding with a unique verdant landscape and the crystalline turquoise waters of the Ionian.  Interestingly, because of the mild winters, every autumn thousands of flamingo birds migrate to Lefkada for the winter.

Lefkada wedding videographer filming stunning view out of the city
View of the canal connecting the local port to the Ionian and passing under the floating bridge

In Lefkada you can combine relaxing holidays, with an intimate wedding ceremony, or a vow renewal away from the crowd and the mainstream wedding protocols. You have also the possibility to organize great sport activities with your close friends as kite surfing, mountain biking, paragliding, scuba diving or horse riding. There are some truly amazing locations for your wedding in the sun.

Lefkada Wedding Video: The story

Let me share a few words about this intimate wedding video shooting. The unique characteristics of this small island gave me the idea to create a short cinematic arthouse wedding film about this intimate wedding in the island of Lefkada. This film is also an artistic journey connecting the pink color of the flamingo birds that migrate to the island, to the color of hope that this couple found in their mutual connection.

Lefkada wedding videographer filming couple after wedding session
The beautiful couple of Velina and Julien strolling by the canal and the lagoon in Lefkada

The simplicity and the natural beauty of the island were ideal for an unforgettable celebration of love. The group of 40 guests, all the closest friends and family, enjoyed the whole informal sense and the style of the wedding.

Lefkada Wedding Videography

As it is a small island, there are not many wedding videographers local to Lefkada. I feel really happy to be able to travel and offer Wedding Videography in Lefkada for couples with an adventurous soul from Greece, Italy and all over the world. It is such a magnificent place that inspires me to create authenticc wedding films for these people.

The Story

I have travelled to Lefkada from Athens for this wedding film. Around 5 hours drive from Athens through the impressive Rio bridge connecting the city of Patras to the continent. The landscape of the northwest Greek coastline is truly unique and a pleasure for the eye. I remember pulling over several times to film the stunning landscape.

Julien, a fellow cinematographer, has roots from Lebanon, Germany and Greece. Velina is Bulgarian. Having both their kids from their respective previous marriages, they have a well realized relationship. They decided to get married in Lefkada, a place were they had already spent some time before, to celebrate their love and to form a new happy family.

Pink Flamingos in the Lefkada lagoon

The pink flamingos of Lefkada became the very symbol of their special day, as they have decided to look at life “through pink glasses” and to be optimistic, according to the german saying “durch die rosa brille schauen” (look at life through pink spectacles). I have designed their wedding film around this concept, as a concerto in three movements: Agitato, Andante moderato, Adagio ma non troppo. Three different musical pieces, three different styles, reaching a climax through a visual poetry about looking at life through pink spectacles.

The preparations

The couple got dressed at two different villas in the Villas Panorama in the hill of Apolpaina near the center of the capital. As is the tradition in Greek Weddings, the few friends and family of each assisted them while dressing up. Velina’s daughter, dressed in pink like a princess, enjoyed silently the whole process of her mother’s preps.

Bride getting ready for a wedding in Lefkada
Bridal preps in Villas Panorama
Lefkada wedding videographer filming bride getting ready
Getting ready for the wedding in Lefkada
Bride getting ready for a wedding in Lefkada
Bridal silhouette through the window
Bride getting ready for a wedding in Lefkada
Velina’s daughter, dressed in pink like a princess, enjoyed silently the whole process of her mother’s preps
Lefkada wedding videographer filming couple getting ready
Getting ready for the big moment

Wedding ceremony in Lefkada

The bride and groom arrived separately together with their respective guests to the chapel for the ceremony. It took place in the green islet of Paleochorio, opposite to the village of Nydri. A decked boat arranged for transportation of everyone, making the whole process very beautiful, since everyone had the opportunity top admire the picturesque view in a stunning turqoise color of the Ionian.

Lefkada wedding videographer filming wedding ceremony venue
Ceremony venue in the islet of Paleochorio opposite to Nydri
Lefkada wedding videographer filming ceremony
Wedding ceremony was bilingual in both Bulgarian and english
Lefkada wedding videographer filming outdoors bulgarian ceremony
The crowning of the couple is the climax of the ceremony
Sailing in turqoise waters in Lefkada after the wedding
After the wedding everyone enjoyed sailing around the islets of Lefkada

The outdoors ceremony was really unique and very emotional. The two officiants travelled all the way from Bulgaria to celebrate the ceremony in both Bulgarian and English.

Wedding party in Lefkada

The party was amazing, as is usually the case in such intimate destination weddings. Everyone of the 40 guests had a very good time, dancing on the boat with live music by the friends, while the deckboat sailed around the Lefkada archipelago. The party reached its peak when the groom sung “O Sole Mio” together with his best man. The night ended with a beautiful dinner back in Villas Panorama, traditional Bulgarian dances and everyone diving into the pool notwithstanding the chill temperatures late night.

Wedding musicians for a sailing party in Lefkada
The couple enjoyed the live music from their friends
Young bridesmaids in Lefkada sailing after wedding
Little bridesmaids on the deck
Lefkada wedding videographer filming couple dancing
Dancing on booard
Lefkada wedding videographer filming a big hug between groom and his mother
A big emotional hug to the groom by his mother
Lefkada wedding videographer filming happy couple
Happy moments for the couple
Lefkada wedding videographer filming couple singing and dancing
Singing “O Sole Mio”

Having previous experience as a destination wedding videographer in Lefkada I was able to assist the couple in picking the ideal spots for the photo and video shooting. In the day after the wedding we had the opportunity to hike and shoot pictures and video through different, unique spots of the island.

Lefkada wedding reception table setup
Wedding table decoration for dinner in Villas Panorama

I always suggest to all the couples planning to elope or to get married in Lefkada, and the other Ionian islands, to book an experienced destination wedding Videographer and Photographer. These professionals will be the best references to guide them through the best hidden spots for a killer shooting.

Lefkada wedding videographer filming couple after wedding session
Photo shooting at the windmills of Lefkada along a white sand beach
filming couple after wedding session
The wooden bridge of Lefkada is a very characteristic spot when you enter the capital

All the pictures featured in this article were shot by me. Although I am not a destination wedding photographer, I always use my video frames and some pictures that I shoot to tell the story. You can also check out the story of the wedding through the eyes of the wedding photographer Eye Witness Stories.

Destination Wedding Video Awards

This intimate wedding video in Lefkada has won the Best Wedding Film Award at the 18th edition of Inspiration Photographers Awards. The film has also received a Silver Distinction Award in the 2019 Annual Filmmaking Competition of WPPI in Las Vegas!

Planning your wedding video in Lefkada

As a wedding videographer in Lefkada, I really love filming in the natural beauty of this beautiful island of the Ionian. What I enjoy the most is to tell the beautiful stories of couples in love that decide to get married on the beach. From the brilliant white sand of Porto Katsiki and Egremno, to the beaches of Desimi, Tsoukalades and Kathisma there are plenty of wonderful spots to get married in Lefkada!

filming couple after wedding session
A breathtaking spot connecting the island to the sea and passing over the lagoon
filming couple after wedding session
The main villa of Villas Panorama has the structure of an old windmill

Are you getting married, or planning to have an adventurous elopement? Are you looking for the best Lefkada Wedding Videographer? Then you have found the right person to guide you through the most beautiful shooting locations and to give you all the top secret tips for a perfect wedding day!

I really love the natural beauty of Lefkada and the turquoise of the Ionian, and I can help you organize your wedding, elopement or pre-wedding session in the best possible way. I would be delighted to be your wedding videographer in Lefkada. I am already based in Greece and I really love to shoot weddings in the islands of the Ionian. Get in touch with me today, I cannot wait to meet you. Let’s start planning your wedding or adventurous elopement together.


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