Couple kissing for their destination wedding in Rome Villa Medici

Luxury Wedding in Villa Medici – Rome Wedding Videographer

We adjust, reconnect
and sink back into each other
in a swirl of saffron-hued enchantment
merging with the city and time
as three millennia of history
alights in rapturous applause, to relive its ecstacies
through our perishable young flesh

"Amber and Gold" - P. Black

What better place than the eternal city to celebrate love-eternal? My heart is still filled with all the beauty, elegance, emotion, and love that we all witnessed at Olivia and Jad’s luxury destination wedding in Villa Medici Rome. An architectural complex built during the Rennaissance, inside the Borghese Gardens up on the Pincio, where I was delighted to be their Rome wedding videographer. The most elegant and lovely couple, a spectacular venue in the heart of the Italian Capital, a picturesque church rich in history, and a crazy party to finish the night. What could we ask for more to tell a beautiful story?  

Couple drinking champagne in Villa Medici filmed by their Rome Wedding Videographer
Luxury Destination Wedding in Rome: The view from the balcony of Villa Medici is breathtaking

Pump up the volume and enjoy the Italian charm and elegance in this beautiful wedding film: “Volare” then keep reading to discover all the lovely details of this lush wedding in the heart of Rome. If you are planning your destination wedding in Italy, you may also want to check out a few of my other wedding films in Ravello, Puglia, Amalfi Coast, or Umbria.

Luxury Destination Wedding in Villa Medici Rome and Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Cathedral

Rome, with its timeless allure and rich tapestry of history, presents an enchanting canvas for couples seeking a destination wedding that is nothing short of magical. As an iconic city steeped in romance and cultural significance, Rome beckons couples from around the globe to exchange their vows amidst its storied streets and breathtaking landmarks. The Eternal City’s historic treasures, from the majestic Colosseum to the intimate alleys of Trastevere, offer an array of picturesque settings to capture the essence of love. Whether it’s a grand celebration in a historic villa, an intimate ceremony in a charming church, or an open-air affair in the heart of the city, Rome effortlessly caters to diverse wedding visions.

Rome sunset aerial picture
The Eternal City: Rome is a living Monument

My Mission as a Rome Wedding Videographer

My mission as a Rome Wedding videographer is to capture the authentic story of each couple, through their celebration of their wedding day. I believe that what makes each film and story unique are the people, so it is important to draw the characters and possibly the struggles they have gone through, before arriving on their special day. However, the couple, as protagonists in the film, need to be connected to the location too. So, I always attempt to establish the connection between the people and their backdrop within the film. This is not only a collection of beautiful visuals put in a row over lovely music. My mission is to create an impactful story that is true to each couple, bespoke and authentic. 

Wedding couple in the garden of Villa Medici Rome
Rome Wedding Videographer: Filming romantic moments of the wedding couple in the gardens of Villa Medici

Villa Medici: One of the Best Wedding Venues in Rome 

Nestled atop the Pincian Hill in the heart of Rome, and within the Borghese gardens, Villa Medici stands as a testament to the opulence and cultural heritage of Renaissance Italy. This historic villa, commissioned by Cardinal Ferdinando de Medici in 1576, exudes an air of grandeur and sophistication. Its architectural splendor, attributed to the renowned architect Annibale Lippi, seamlessly blends classical and Renaissance elements, showcasing a harmonious synthesis of artistic styles. It has served as the French Academy in Rome since the 17th century, fostering a nurturing environment for generations of artists, writers, and scholars, making Villa Medici a living testament to the enduring power of art and culture.

Villa Medici Rome Aerial Picture by Wedding Videographer
In the heart of the Borghese Gardens on the Pincio Villa Medici is one of the most iconic venues for a luxury wedding in Ravello

Villa Medici emerges as an enchanting wedding venue that seamlessly weaves together history, elegance, and timeless beauty. The Villa’s lush gardens and meticulously landscaped grounds provide an idyllic backdrop for outdoor ceremonies and receptions, where the soft rustle of leaves and the fragrance of blooming flowers create an ambiance of unparalleled intimacy and romance.

Romantic couple portrait in the Borghese Gardens in Rome
Newlyweds enjoying the Borghese Gardens in Rome

As the sun sets over the eternal city, casting a warm glow upon the historic architecture and embracing gardens, Villa Medici transforms into a haven where dreams are woven into reality, and two lives become one amidst the splendor of an Italian Renaissance masterpiece.Thanks to this iconic backdrop, Olivia and Jad’s wedding managed to combine the mood of modern Italian Dolce Vita with the elegance and the Renaissance feel of the Villa. Mixing the ancient with the modern is something that deeply characterizes the Italian Capital overall. This is also something I have tried to recreate in their film, as their Rome Wedding Videographer. 

The Story of the Day

As in many other stories in the past few years, Olivia and Jad’s wedding was postponed due to the pandemic. But this difficult situation gave them also the opportunity to create stronger bonds as a couple and between their two families. Their celebration in the eternal city was an exuberance of their emotions for each other, the bonds between the two families all packed with a strong character of Italian dolce vita. Everyone enjoyed the day.

Beutiful Bride in her wedding dress on a rooftop in Rome
Olivia in her stunning Monique l’Huillier dress, enjoying the breathtaking views from the terrace of the Hassler Hotel

The day started with the bride and groom getting ready in the Hassler Hotel, before heading out in the cobblestone streets of Rome with their respective groups of bridesmaids and groomsmen. We had the opportunity to capture a bit of the vibe of the city, as the boys had one of the best espresso’s near the Cathedral, while the girls cheered for the bride on the hotel terrace overlooking the whole city. Olivia looked stunning in her Monique L’Huillier dress with long sleeves and veil. I’m a fan of long-sleeved dresses as they are more romantic, timeless, and charming. 

Groom kissing bride's hand romantic destination wedding in Rome
Rome Wedding Videographer: Villa Medici gardens offer amazing views and privacy for its’ guests

As a storytelling Rome Wedding Videographer, I have dedicated a special section of the film to recreate the ambiance of Rome, a city-living monument. This is something I always try to do in my destination wedding films, as I believe that the location of the wedding plays a significant role for the couple. 

Orthodox Ceremony in the Cathedral Santa Maria Sopra Minerva

Nestled in the heart of Rome, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva stands as a captivating testament to both faith and artistry. Its unassuming façade belies the magnificent treasures within its walls. As the only Gothic church in Rome, this cathedral boasts a unique architectural identity, characterized by its soaring nave, ribbed vaults, and a sense of verticality that draws the gaze heavenward. Inside, visitors are awestruck by the ethereal play of light filtering through stained glass windows, casting colorful patterns upon the marble interiors. The church’s name, “Sopra Minerva,” pays homage to the ancient Roman temple dedicated to the goddess Minerva that once occupied the site. This juxtaposition of Christian reverence and historical significance lends an intriguing layer to the cathedral’s aura. Perhaps most renowned is Michelangelo’s masterful statue of Christ, the “Risen Christ,” which graces the church with its serene presence. Santa Maria sopra Minerva stands as a sanctuary where the spiritual and artistic realms converge, inviting contemplation and wonder in equal measure.

Rome Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Cathedral
Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Cathedral is the only Gothic Church in Rome

As Olivia and Jad wrote a new chapter in their love story, the Cathedral’s rich history and intricate details provided a sense of depth and character that few venues can match. Its location ensured that the couple’sspecial day was steeped in the city’s enchanting atmosphere, with iconic landmarks and cobblestone streets just steps away. 

Destination Wedding in Rome Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Cathedral
Orthodox Wedding Ceremony in Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Cathedral Rome

I’m quite familiar with Orthodox wedding ceremonies. However, Olivia and Jad’s Armenian Orthodox ceremony in such a unique venue was breathtaking. Notwithstanding the very tight schedule of luxury weddings, I’m really glad that we were able to capture the beautiful arches, serene chapels, and Michelangelo’s iconic statueof the Cathedral. As their Rome Wedding Videographers, we have tried to create a visual fusion of love, history, and artistry that will be hopefully etched in the couple’s memories forever.

Destination Wedding in Rome
Rome Wedding Videographer: Spectacular exit for the couple with a vintage Fiat 500 car

Luxury Wedding Reception in Villa Medici Rome

What makes each story and event different are the people themselves. In particular, their commitment to creating bespoke surprises, favors, or events. Olivia and Jad prepared unique personal notes for every guest in attendance. A personal love note and thank you were written to everyone traveling to Rome to celebrate with them. This was greatly appreciated by everyone and was a great way to create an atmosphere of connection between the guests before the party. 

Luxury Destination Wedding in Rome Villa Medici Decoration
Luxurious and Elegant table setup in Rome Villa Medici by Fete NY
Couple in Villa Medici Rome by their Luxury Wedding Videographer
Luxury Destination Wedding in Rome: The couple hugging in front of the iconic Villa Medici

And the party was epic, to say the least. A cover band, drum players leading everyone to the dance floor, and firework fountains in the garden of the Villa to end the night in beauty. As their Rome Luxury Wedding Videographer, together with my team, we were able to capture all these happenings and tried to connect a glimpse of everything in their film with our usual storytelling approach.

Planning a Luxury Wedding in Rome

The logistics and organization of a destination wedding wedding from abroad can be intimidating. Especially when it comes down to popular wedding destinations in Italy. When you plan a destination wedding in the Italian capital, in TuscanyLake Como, or the Amalfi Coast, finding the best team of professionals is paramount. In particular, in a busy city like Rome, your Wedding Videographer, Photographer, and planner (not necessarily in that order) should be the first vendors you book.

couple dancing for their luxury destination wedding in Rome filmed by their wedding videographer
Italian Dolce Vita in the heart of Rome

If you are planning an intimate destination wedding in Italy by yourself, I suggest that you have a look at my planning guides 1) How to Elope in Italy and 2) Best Places for an adventurous Elopement in Italy. You may find a few tips that can turn out handy therein. With that said, I always suggest that you collaborate with a destination wedding planner, when possible, for the best possible experience and your peace of mind. A luxury planner will help you achieve even the most demanding setups 

Working with the whole team of Fete NY that orchestrated the whole Olivia and Jad’s event to the smallest detail, was an absolute pleasure. It was the second wedding that we did together in the past season and I cannot recommend them enough as your luxury wedding planner in Rome, be it in Villa Medici or another venue in the eternal city or the rest of Italy. I appreciate their problem-solving skills and attention to the finest detail, to provide the most awesome experience to the couple they work with.

Luxury Wedding Videography in Villa Medici in Rome

Are you planning to get married in Villa Medici or another luxury wedding Venue around the  Italian Capital? I would love to be your Wedding Videographer in Rome. We will undoubtedly create something unique and authentic together!

Luxury Destination Wedding in Rome Spectacular couple exit on a Fiat 500
Rome Wedding Videographer: Spectacular Wedding-exit with a vintage Fiat 500 car

Being based just one short flight away from your dream wedding destination, I work all around Italy very often. If you feel a strong connection with the style of my work I would be delighted to hear more about your story, your plans, or even your dream Pinterest board for your special day. Let’s design your bespoke wedding videography in Villa Medici in Rome, together!

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