Morocco Elopement Wedding Couple walking in the Moroccan Desert with a dromedary

Bohemian Morocco Elopement – Marrakech Desert Wedding Film

Amid the noise and collision of caravansary in Jemaa el-Fna
I hear your soft drawl joking with snake charmers, always in hustle
In souks the sweetness of fennel and myrrh swirl in the wake of travellers steps
and I'm reminded of your desert scent, like cedar and musk covered dust

“Marrakech” - Softly Spoken

Let’s travel from the south of Portugal to the desert of Marrakech for a Bohemian Morocco Elopement ceremony. This is the story of a mixed couple that met through friends, but, only a year later, realized that were meant to be together. After surviving a long-distance relationship and three years with their ups and downs, they exchanged vows of love in a symbolic elopement ceremony in the Marrakech desert.

Elopement Couple Dancing in the Morocco Desert Double
Elopement Couple Dancing in the Desert of Morocco. Double Exposure

As a Morocco Wedding Videographer, I have created another multi-awarded elopement film in the desert of Marrakech. It is called “Three Prayers for Love“. If you haven’t watched it already, I suggest that you also have a look. You may be inspired.

Marrakech: A unique city for an Elopement Wedding in Morocco

Morocco is a unique place on earth with such a singular beauty! The old Medina of Marrakech is a busy honeycomb of colors, sounds, smells, and tastes. Definitely one amazing place to plan an elopement or a destination wedding in Morocco.

Morocco Marrakech Medina aerial view
Breathtaking aerial view of the Medina of Marrakech. A busy honeycomb of colors, sounds and smells

When you arrive for the first time in the Medina you can be overwhelmed by the noisy and frenetic motion in the souks and the motorcycles passing through the labyrinth at high speed. But after enjoying a mint-scented tea in the patio of a riad you will start to appreciate the unique feel and become involved with the Marrakech vibe.

The desert of Marrakech is only a short drive away. A unique minimal landscape to ride a dromedary, see some traditions of the bedouins, and enjoy the calmness of the sunset. The hills are the perfect backdrop for a Marrakech desert elopement.

Morocco Elopement Wedding: The Story behind the film

Love Story in Portugal

Nastya and Rory first met through friends. However, they started seeing each other only one year later. Their discussions and common interests brought them together in a long-distance relationship. Rory was living in the South of Portugal, while Nastya was studying in Lisbon at that time.

Morocco Elopement Wedding couple with a camel in the desert
The light in the desert hills of Agafay creates magic contrast and colors at sunset

They have always faced their ups and downs through honest discussion, and this is actually what kept them together and forged their relationship as a couple. This brings us, three years later, in Morocco for this symbolic exchange of vows in the desert.

Destination Wedding Couple portrait in Morocco Kutubiyya Mosque
A stroll in the Jemaa el Fna square in front of the imposing Kutubiyya Mosque

Getting ready

The bride and groom got ready on the beautiful patio of the Riad al Loune in the center of the Medina. In a warm and cozy atmosphere, they wrote their vows by the pool during the preparations.

Elopement Bride Getting ready in a Marrakech Riad
Bride getting ready in the picturesque patio of the Riad al Loune
Groom getting ready in a Marrakech Riad
Groom getting ready in the Riad al Loune

The airy and romantic bridal dress by Alexia Kirmitsi looked stunning on her and contrasted nicely with the deep red dried flowers on her headband. Rory opted for a very cozy, yet sophisticated look with a linen shirt a scarf, and his all-stars. A match made in heaven for a dream elopement wedding in the Morroco desert.

Elopement Bride dancing in a Marrakech Riad
Bridal beauty in flowers
Groom writing his vows in a Morocco Riad
Writing vows in the peaceful patio of the Riad

The ceremony

The wedding ceremony took place in the small secluded camp Yes We Camps in the Marrakech desert of Agafay. The amazing staff from the Riad al Loune took care of all the decoration. A triangular arch with rich bouquets of white roses, a Moroccan red carpet, and a dromedary camel composed the amazing setup for this symbolic ceremony.

Bride walking in the Marrakech Medina
The afternoon sun creates beautiful corridors of light in the Medina

When the couple arrived at the camp, they had a warm welcome by traditional Moroccan music players.

Morocco Elopement Wedding Ceremony in Agafay Desert
What an amazing location to plan a Destination Elopement Wedding in Morocco! The desert hills resonate with love words from your vows
Morocco Elopement Wedding Ceremony in Agafay Desert
Singular Agafay Desert is only a car drive away from the busy Medina of Marrakech. The ideal venue for your Morocco Elopement or destination Wedding

This is the beauty of elopement weddings in Morocco compared to more busy weddings. The couple has the time to focus on each other and on their special day. On the other hand, their videographer and photographer team have the opportunity to focus on details to tell their story.

Filming in the Desert at Sunset

Right after the ceremony, the couple enjoyed some of the typical activities organized by a Moroccan desert camp: Drinking a cup of tea under a tent, riding on a dromedary camel, and watching the sunset behind the desert hills.

Destination Wedding couple enjoying tea in the desert of Morocco
Enjoy a cup of tea under a tent in the desert is a unique experience

It was a unique experience for everyone to watch the Marrakech desert landscape transformation after sunset in Agafay. It is a moment that you enjoy in silence and that you take forever with you.

Wedding Couple in Morocco with a camel
A sunset ride with a dromedary camel in the desert is a must!
Couple just eloped dancing under the moonlight in Morocco desert
After Wedding dancing under the moonlight in the Moroccan desert is pure minimalism

For those who may be interested in more “technical” aspects, this elopement film has been color-graded using the Nostalgia LUT from my Cinematic Poetry LUTs.

Morocco Wedding Photographer

I really enjoy filming Elopements more than traditional – crowded weddings, because they leave room for a lot of flexibility to schedule everything optimally with the couple. As a filmmaker, I often use a few frame grabs from my films to illustrate the storytelling of the couple. Hence, the few pictures featured in this article.

We had a great time with the couple in our session. Our great connection led to excellent coordination during this elopement wedding in the desert of Morocco.

Your Morocco Elopement Film is the Best Memory from your Destination Wedding in Marrakech

If you are considering an elopement type of destination wedding in Morocco, right in the desert of Marrakech, you will probably be inspired by this story. In a humble, yet heartwarming, ceremony you can exchange your vows of love with your other half. From my side, as a creative filmmaker, I will make sure that your Morocco elopement film will become a cherished heirloom for you and your family.

Couple walking in the Moroccan Desert for their destination Wedding Ceremony
Walking in the desert is a lifetime experience

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  • Venue

    Yes We Camp Agafay

  • Planning

    Riad Al Loune

  • Filmmaker

    Cinema of Poetry

  • Wedding Dress

    Alexia Kirmitsi


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