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One of the most acclaimed wedding destinations in Southern Europe is Italy. The country is full of iconic places to plan your dream destination wedding. You just have to pick your favorite style. Choose among the warm sophistication of Tuscany, the raw mediterranean beauty of Puglia, the distinct medieval mood of Umbria, the mystical elegance of the city of Venice, or the bespoke luxury of Lake Como. If you have already settled on planning a destination wedding in Ravello or the rest of the Amalfi Coast and are now in search of the best Ravello Wedding Videographer in Amalfi Coast, I am here to help you.

Looking for the best Ravello Wedding Videographer in Amalfi Coast?

Are you searching for a wedding videographer to shoot your Italian destination wedding in Amalfi Coast? Chances are that you are looking for the Best Wedding Videographer in Ravello and found me! You want someone who can capture the city’s essence, a videographer who can excellently film not only your wedding ceremony, but its stunning surroundings. Those same surroundings that inspired authors such as DH Lawrence and Gore Vidal. Would you like your wedding video in Amalfi Coast to turn you into the protagonist of your own Italian movie from the 60’s? Then you came to the right place!

Wedding couple kissing in Marina Grande Sorrento Italy
Celebrate your love through film by choosing the best Ravello Wedding Videographer in Amalfi Coast

Signature Wedding Videos in Italy

First, have a look at some of my most recent wedding films below. Watch these videos and you will quickly realize that my way of telling wedding stories differs from anybody else’s. My approach is intentional and authentic. Then you can keep reading, to understand why you are in the right place to book your wedding Videographer in Ravello and Amalfi Coast. If you resonate with my approach, I would be delighted to create a unique and authentic wedding film for you!

My mission as a Wedding Videographer in Ravello Amalfi Coast

My mission as a wedding videographer in Amalfi Coast is to capture your special moment in all its beauty. To tell your story by creating a unique, authentic documentary wedding video, representative of who you are. Documenting exactly what happened on your wedding day is probably what most videographers would do for you. Telling your story as a couple through your wedding day, instead, is more subtle and more personal. This is what I will do for you!

Ravello Wedding Videographer in Amalfi Coast filming a couple running in the streets of Ravello after their wedding
Turn your story into a movie with your Ravello Wedding Videographer in Amalfi Coast

Italy is my second country. I often film destination weddings in Italy, but I also happen to have many good friends there. So I spend a lot of time every year in this beautiful country.

I love travelling to the Amalfi Coast to film couples on their wedding day because it provides one of the most picturesque backdrops to create art and to offer them the best keepsake for one of the most important moments in life. 

Let Kostas tell your story in his superb style. He is a great, kind, humble human who will really get to know you as a couple. He is not just a filmmaker who puts A roll and B roll together. He is an amazing storyteller!
Jo Mae & Greg
Your Story is Poetry
Let’s create your film together. Are you ready?

Get Married in Ravello 

Ravello, Italy is infused with legend. Few other sites provide such a stunning backdrop for your destination wedding. Nicknamed the City of Music, Italy’s most enchanting coastline will surely captivate. Ravello is a famous site of cultural events due to its rich history and outstanding views. Ravello’s sweeping views of the Amalfi coast are considered some of the most splendid sights in the world. Look at the town’s medieval alleys and architecture as you make your way up and down its steep steps. 

Best Ravello Wedding Videographer in Amalfi Coast
Have your story told in an authentic way in Ravello Italy, by the Best Wedding Videographer in Amalfi Coast

Where to get married in Ravello Amalfi Coast

There are plenty of sites in Ravello that make for breathtaking backgrounds, all of which will be excellently captured on your wedding videos. For more ideas on where to get married in the Amalfi Coast you can check out my dedicated post with the Best Wedding Venues.

Destination Wedding in Puglia couple filming by videographer Cinema of Poetry
When you opt for the best videographer in Amalfi Coast you can be the protagonist in your own Italian movie from the 60’s

Here are only some of the wondrous venues, where I am happy to shoot your destination wedding video

Villa Cimbrone:

Experience a true fairy tale wedding in a place that looks as though it was plucked from the pages of a storybook. This 12th century palace turned into a luxury hotel is surrounded by gardens, making for a truly enchanting “I do” experience. Plan your luxury Amalfi Coast wedding in Villa Cimbrone for a memorable lifetime moment. When you think of wedding in Ravello, think of wedding in Villa Cimbrone!

Best luxury wedding venues in Amalfi coast Villa Cimbrone

Palazzo Avino:

A 12th century private villa for noble Italian family, converted into a deluxe five-star hotel, Palazzo Avino is considered one of the world’s finest hotels. This luxury venue in the Amalfi coast is perfect for hosting small intimate weddings on their hillside terrace. Situated in the mountains, 1000 ft about sea level, it offers Michelin fine dining, a lobster and martini bar, a spa and beauty centre, limousine and helicopter service and of course spectacular views of the coast. In an ideal setting the villa offers the dream backdrop for your destination wedding, landing it a top spot on my list of the best wedding venues in Ravello Amalfi Coast.

Best luxury wedding venues in Amalfi coast Palazzo Avino

Villa la Rondinaia:

Literally perched on a cliff, Villa la Rondinaia is a stunning property with an artistic and romantic character. The late American author Gore Vidal once resided in this magnificent villa of the 1920’s which still radiates the elegance and charm for which he was renowned. The villa’s terraced gardens, immaculate infinity pool, and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea make it the perfect setting for a dreamy luxury wedding.

table setup in Villa La Rondinaia Ravello filmed by wedding videographer cinema of Poetry


For a religious ceremony, there are no shortage of outstanding options. For large weddings, there is the legendary Ravello Duomo. This 11th century cathedral is on the main square, making it both a center of daily life and an architectural wonder. There are also smaller, but still beautiful, churches throughout the town for more intimate gatherings. 

Wedding ceremony in the Amalfi Duomo

Other Places to get married in Amalfi Coast

Are you planning to get married in Amalfi Coast and need more insight to pick your dream wedding venue in Ravello, Positano, or Amalfi? Then you should definitely check out my Guide of the Best Luxury Wedding Venues in Amalfi Coast. I update this guide regularly with new information and include pictures of each venue, so that you can have a good idea for each one. For more information, or if you want me to include your favorite venue in my guide, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Wedding couple in the shore of Amalfi

These venues are truly stunning and the epitome of luxury. However, no matter the setting, no matter the venue you choose, I will capture the essence of your story at best through your wedding videography in Amalfi Coast.

Couple filmed by wedding videographer in Ravello Amalfi Coast
Getting married in Ravello? Choose the Best Wedding Videographer in Amalfi Coast!

Choosing the Perfect Time for your Amalfi Coast Wedding

Selecting the right season for your dream wedding along the Amalfi Coast is a pivotal decision. The Amalfi Coast boasts a Mediterranean climate, offering unique charm and beauty year-round. Here are the best periods to consider for your magical Amalfi Coast wedding:

1. Sunny Summers: June to August, during the height of summer, is the most popular time for weddings along the Amalfi Coast. Bask in the warm sun, vibrant colors, and long daylight hours. The azure waters and golden sunsets provide an exquisite backdrop for your wedding videography. Keep in mind that these are the busiest times of the year for tourism, so always plan ahead for heavy traffic.

2. Mild Spring: Spring (March to May) is a delightful choice with milder temperatures, blossoming flowers, and a quieter atmosphere. You’ll find the Amalfi Coast less crowded, making it perfect for intimate, romantic celebrations.

Couple dancing in Bellaggio lake Como filmed by the best videographer
Capture your feelings forever on film with your Wedding Videographer in Amalfi Coast

3. Golden Autumn: September to October is the golden period when the weather remains pleasant, and the summer crowds start to wane. The Amalfi Coast’s dramatic cliffs and charming villages offer a picturesque setting, ideal for capturing the essence of your special day in your wedding video.

4. Winter Elegance: For couples who seek a cozy and intimate wedding, the Amalfi Coast in the off-season (November to February) offers a unique charm. While it may be cooler, you can enjoy the tranquility of this breathtaking region with fewer tourists. Keep in mind that many of the famous venues of the Amalfi Coast are closed during winter period, so inquire with them in advance if you consider a winter wedding.

Selecting the right season ensures that your wedding video not only captures your love story but also showcases the natural beauty of the Amalfi Coast. Contact me, your trusted Ravello wedding videographer, to discuss how we can immortalize your Amalfi Coast wedding, regardless of the season you choose.

Enriching your Ravello Wedding Experience in Amalfi Coast

A Ravello wedding in the Amalfi Coast is not just a moment; it’s an experience. As you celebrate your love in this idyllic setting, consider indulging in some of the following activities and experiences:

1. Visit Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo: Explore the historic villas and their enchanting gardens, known for their breathtaking panoramic views. These locations offer a splendid backdrop for pre- and post-wedding photoshoots.

2. Romantic Strolls: Take leisurely walks through the charming streets of Ravello. Discover quaint shops, cafes, and historic architecture while capturing the essence of this coastal town.

3. Taste Amalfi Cuisine: Savor the local flavors of Amalfi Coast cuisine at traditional Italian restaurants. Delight in fresh seafood, homemade pasta, and regional wines for an authentic culinary experience.

4. Beach Excursions: Venture to the picturesque beaches of nearby towns like Amalfi, Praiano and Positano. Enjoy sunbathing, water activities, or simply relish the coastal beauty.

Couple on a boat in lake Como. After wedding filming session with a Lake Come Wedding Videographer

5. Lemon Groves: Explore the fragrant lemon groves that blanket the region. Discover the art of limoncello-making and take home a sweet souvenir from your Amalfi Coast wedding.

6. Cultural Exploration: Visit nearby attractions like Amalfi, Positano, and Sorrento to experience the rich history and culture of the region. Explore cathedrals, museums, and artisan shops to immerse yourself in the local way of life.

Your Ravello wedding in the Amalfi Coast offers not only a memorable ceremony but also a chance to create unforgettable experiences. As your dedicated Ravello wedding videographer in Amalfi Coast, I’m here to ensure that every moment, both on your special day and during your Amalfi Coast adventure, is captured beautifully. Get in touch with me today to discuss how we can make your wedding video a true reflection of your Amalfi Coast experience.

Wedding Video in Ravello Amalfi Coast

As your Amalfi coast wedding videographer, I can capture the unique landscape and picturesque qualities of the above sites or others in Ravello. But again, your wedding video is not only about the landscape and the venue. It is about you and your story as a couple in the first place. The main focus is to deliver you something that is timeless, authentic and true to who you are. Why would you settle for anything less than the best for your wedding video in Ravello Amalfi Coast?

Best Destination Wedding Videographer Kostas Petsas founder of the Cinema of Poetry

Why choose me as your Ravello Wedding videographer in Amalfi Coast?  

My name is Kostas. A Destination Wedding Filmmaker based in Greece, Italy and France, also available to film your wedding throughout Europe and the world. I capture all the moments, and emotions that make up your day and combine them with the beautiful backdrop of your destination wedding in a natural and delicate way.

In my approach, the essence of your wedding film will always be your actual story told through spoken word, poetry and cinematic language. Story, not only of the day, but of the whole journey of being together. This is the cornerstone of my Wedding & Elopement Cinematography.

When planning your destination wedding you may feel overwhelmed with vendors, timelines, packages, guest lists, menus, and legal requirements. Looking back after a few years, you’ll be able to see the bigger picture and realize that what matters is the essence of your wedding relationship and your story in the first place. Although this sounds like a cliché, your wedding film and pictures are the most important keepsakes from your celebration day.

We spent the whole night crying, laughing and remembering our great day. We are really blessed and lucky to have had you on our special day! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts
Stephanie & Clément

My Wedding Cinematography Awards

During the past few years I have had the chance to be one of the most award-winning videographers in Europe. Some of my prestigious international awards, include

Of course, awards are not the scope of my professional activity as a filmmaker. My mission is to tell your story. However, accolades from the most important professional associations and international film festivals can give you an additional guaranty, that you are really booking the Best Videographer in Lake Como for your Destination Wedding. You can check out all my Awards here.

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If you’re interested in learning more about how to choose a videographer to film your Italian destination wedding in Amalfi Coast, or want to book me for your special day, feel free to send me a message using the form below. I would love to hear more about your vision for your wedding day and share with you my ideas for your wedding film. Let’s create some magic together!

Intimate elopement ceremony in Amalfi Coast Italy