Santorini Same-Sex Elopement Video – Saint Antonio Vineyard Santorini LGBTQ Wedding

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You might have already watched the Santorini elopement Video of Lindsey and Dune, that was awarded as Europe’s Best Wedding film 2018, or the adventurous inspiration elopement video that I have filmed in Santorini. In this post you can read about the beautiful and emotional story of a couple of equals. Marta & Eider are two brides that travelled all the way from Barcelona, Spain to exchange their vows in Pyrgos. I couldn’t be more excited to create Martha & Eider’s Santorini Same-Sex Elopement Video and tell their story. Grab a glass of wine, press play and watch this Santorini LGBTQ wedding film. Then, keep on reading to discover the full story behind the film, backstage and how to organize your own Santorini LGBTQ wedding.

Elope in Santorini

Santorini is a unique place in the whole world for its outstanding raw beauty, its ancient story and its magical sunsets. A wonderful land filled with energy. It exhibits an active volcano that caused half of the island to sink in ancient years, leading to the odd shape that the island has today and creating a round archipelago. Santorini is definitely also one of the most sought after destinations in the world when it comes to weddings.

Oia Santorini Caldera an amazing place to get married
Breathtaking view of Oia in Santorini built on the rim of the Caldera. A truly unique place to get married

All the western part of the island that overlooks the volcano and the Santorini archipelago is full of mind blowing spots. The major cities on this part of the island are built on the rim of the Caldera creating a stunning panorama. You can stop to take a picture, to contemplate the majestic view, or even think to plan your intimate adventurous elopement on the Caldera.

Best spot for pictures in Oia Santorini
Oia in Santorini is a city in white and blue having secret spots for pictures in every alley.
Santorini Same-Sex elopement best spot for pictures in Fira
The principal cities are built on the cliff of the Caldera. A breathtaking place for adventurous couples to get married in Santorini

Santorini Same-Sex Elopement Video

Although same-sex weddings are not legally recognized in Greece, Santorini is an ideal destination to organize a gay wedding ceremony. LGBTQ people often look for the opportunity to celebrate their special love with their partner and to make a commitment to each other. It is the perfect opportunity to have a colorful unification ceremony in one of the stunning venues of the island while experiencing a memorable holiday.

Two brides Same-sex LGBT elopement in the Caldera Santorini
Santorini LGBTQ wedding: The two brides enjoying a breathtaking view of the Caldera at sunset

Wedding Planner for Santorini LGBTQ Weddings

Santorini is a gay and lesbian “friendly” island and homosexual weddings do occur, although paperwork and details can become a pain. That is why I always suggest to get assistance from a local wedding planer, like Santorini Divine Weddings, who can overcome any issues with their experience. They can organize a Same-sex marriage (also known as gay marriage), a symbolic wedding, a commitment ceremony or renewal of wedding vows in various beautiful and gay-friendly venues of the island.

Your Wedding Videographer for Santorini Same-Sex Elopements: Think local

I always suggest to the LGBTQ couples that plan their elopement on the island to book a local Videographer for their Santorini Same-Sex Elopement. Not only will this ensure that their preferred professional has all the necessary paperwork and required legal authorization to provide services on the island, but he will also be able to suggest the best spots to capture memorable photos and video in Santorini. Hence, you can relax, enjoy the journey and your love for each other.

Two brides Same-sex LGBT weddingin the Caldera Santorini
The light in Santorini is always amazing. A different portrait of the two brides

Being a Same-Sex Wedding Videographer in Santorini, I have previous working experience with LGBTQ couples. Especially when it comes to connecting with them, and to “directing” them efficiently during the session so that they can feel comfortable and be themselves, even while posing for the lens. This experience comes as the icing on the cake for the couple when they book me.

Saint Antonio Vineyard Santorini

Saint Antonio Vineyard is one of the most idyllic locations in Santorini, providing the perfect backdrop for a wedding day especially for an intimate gathering. Sitting atop a hill surrounded by vineyards, this ideal spot offers panoramic scenery from sunrise to sunset. Saint Antonio Vineyard combines tradition, unique architecture, picturesque outdoor scenery, stunning views, comfort and unspoiled, natural beauty.

Saint Antonio vineyard same-sex LGBTQ elopement in Santorini
Santorini LGBTQ Wedding: The two brides enjoying their love in the unique scenery of Saint Antonio vineyard venue
Saint Antonio vineyard in Santorini decoration
Floral detail of the wedding Arch in Saint Antonio vineyard Santorini venue
Saint Antonio vineyard same-sex LGBTQ wedding in Santorini
Santorini Same-Sex Elopement: The two brides enjoying their love in the unique scenery of Saint Antonio vineyard venue
Two brides Same-sex LGBTQ wedding in the Caldera Santorini
LGBTQ Wedding Videographer in Santorini: Adventurous hike in the amazing Santorini Caldera at sunset

Santorini LGBTQ Wedding Videography: The Story

The elopement video of Marta & Eider is a story of true love but also a symbolic message for equality. Because love is always love. Sometimes when LGBTQ individuals have the courage to come out, they may face rejection from their families and the people around them. It then takes a lot of strength and support to go through these difficult moments. But, eventually, true love never fails.

Two brides Same-sex LGBTQ wedding in the Caldera Santorini
Santorini Same-Sex Elopement: Strolling in the Caldera rim in Fira Santorini
Same-sex LGBTQ Wedding in Oia Santorini
Santorini LGBTQ Wedding Videographer: The beautiful couple enjoying a big hug in Oia

Marta has experienced this rejection in her life and it felt almost liberating for her to talk about it in this film. Hence, this elopement film is also about these struggles and how true love prevails eventually.

Two brides Same-sex LGBT wedding in the Caldera Santorini
Santorini Same-Sex elopement: Two brides in love under the skies of Santorini

The Elopement Preparations

The two brides got ready together in the Blue Suites Hotel in Fira. I always suggest to the couples that elope or get married to prepare together and to help each other with their outfits. It is a process that enables them to fully enjoy these special moments together. Furthermore, it breaks the ice when couples stress before their ceremony, but it is also an opportunity to immortalize beautiful romantic moments in wedding photography and video.

Writing Wedding Vows
Eider’s vows
Writting wedding vows
Marta’s vows

Both girls have had a very discrete and natural make up by Renia Bledaki and their hair done by Marianna Nomikou. They wore two stunning and infinitely romantic dresses by Alexia Kirmitsi, with long sleeves. The dresses also came with separate tops without sleeves for the photography and video shooting when temperatures got a bit hotter. The bridal preps were emotionally charged as the two brides felt very close to each other.

Santorini Same-Sex LGBT elopement getting ready
Santorini LGBTQ Wedding: The getting ready in the Blue Suites Hotel in Fira had many emotional moments

Both girls wore a hair crown to give a tone of color to their wedding day. Their bouquets by Betty Flowers Santorini filled the pictures with peonies, roses, greenery and pampas grass. The girls arrived at the vineyard in a lovely vintage beetle car which then they were escorted by the local musicians to the ceremony area. It was a very windy day.

A couple of two brides in Santorini
The couple arriving in Saint Antonio vineyard with local musicians Vassalakia
Two brides in Saint Antonio vineyard in Santorini
Santorini LGBTQ wedding Photo shooting in the Saint Antonio vineyard venue
LGBTQ Same-Sex elopement in Santorini
As Marta’s and Eider’s same-Sex wedding videographer in Santorini Saint Antonio Vineyard, I got to capture these romantic portraits

The Elopement Ceremony

The team of Santorini Divine Weddings, who were planning the event, did a truly amazing job with everything. The decoration was outstanding! They had to deal with an unusually strong wind that almost caused the arch of the ceremony to fall. But they found a solution to avoid the wind by fixing the arch against a wall of the venue. Even without the Caldera as a backdrop, we had a very beautiful setting and the decoration of the venue was spectacular.

Saint Antonio vineyard same-sex LGBT elopement in Santorini
Same-Sex elopement ceremony in Saint Antonio vineyard Santorini
Saint Antonio vineyard same-sex LGBT elopement in Santorini
Emotional LGBTQ wedding ceremony in Saint Antonio vineyard Santorini

While exchanging their vows in Spanish both girls went into tears of happiness. It is always such a strong feeling for me to capture these beautiful moments of connection and true dedication to each other. Moments that are unique in a lifetime. This is also one of the reasons why I love to be a destination wedding videographer in the Greek Islands.

Saint Antonio vineyard same-sex LGBT wedding in Santorini
LGBTQ wedding ceremony in Saint Antonio vineyard Santorini. Reading vows
Saint Antonio vineyard same-sex LGBT wedding in Santorini
Santorini Same-Sex elopement ceremony in Saint Antonio vineyard. Exchanging rings
Saint Antonio vineyard same-sex LGBT elopement in Santorini
Same-Sex elopement ceremony in Saint Antonio vineyard Santorini

After the ceremony the two brides enjoyed their champagne and toast to each other for many years of happiness. The ceremony was organized by Divine Weddings Santorini and the bridal dresses were designed by Alexia Kirmitsi.

Saint Antonio vineyard same-sex LGBT wedding in Santorini
Same-Sex elopement ceremony in Saint Antonio vineyard Santorini. Sealing the deal with a kiss
Saint Antonio vineyard same-sex LGBT wedding in Santorini
Same-Sex elopement in Saint Antonio vineyard Santorini. Dancing after the ceremony

All the pictures and video thumbnails featured in this article were shot by me. Although I am not a destination wedding photographer, I always love to use a combination of frames from my videos, thumbnails and my pictures to tell the story.

Best Wedding Film of the Year 2018

The LGBTQ wedding film of Marta & Eider was voted as Best wedding film of the year by the International Professional Association Inspiration Photographers and has won the Golden Lens Award. This is a very important achievement in the most competitive category of their Annual Contest. The film was designed as the winner, among other 32 shortlisted films from over than 300 participations.

The film has also obtained:

Last, but not least, the film and Marta’s and Eider’s story has been featured in the “Dancing With Her” International LGBTQ Wedding Blog.

Two brides couple in the Caldera
Santorini LGBTQ wedding: Adventurous hike in the rim of the Santorini Caldera at sunset

I feel really proud that this particular story has received so many awards and recognition worldwide. Not only because I have had the pleasure to be Marta’s and Eider’s Same-Sex Wedding Videographer in Santorini. But because their very story is a truly moving one.

The Best Videographer for your LGBTQ Wedding in Santorini

I feel really blessed to travel to iconic places like Santorini, and to create authentic destination wedding videos for amazing adventurous couples. To work in some of the most beautiful Wedding Venues in Santorini, like Saint Antonio Vineyard in Pyrgos, Le Ciel, Venetsanos Winery, Dana Villas, or Santorini Gem.

However, my approach and philosophy in Wedding Videography is not focused on the venue or the location. It is more about the story and the people around it. An authentic story can be told from the heart. And this is what will make your wedding film be your own Time Machine.

Same-Sex LGBT elopement in Oia Santorini
LGBTQ Wedding Videographer in Santorini Cinema of Poetry: Portrait in Oia

Are you looking for a Videographer for your Santorini LGBTQ Wedding? I would be delighted to tell your story and work as your Same-Sex Wedding videographer in Santorini. My studio is only a few minutes away! I know the island very well and can offer some valuable tips and tricks about how you can better organize your Same-Sex Elopement in Santorini. Do not hesitate to get in touch with me and I will share all the details about how we can work together.

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I cannot wait to hear more about you, your partner and your common plans. Let’s start creating your most beautiful memories today!
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