Couple running in the gardens of the Palais Royal for their outdoor wedding in Paris

Breathing Love: A Seine-Side Outdoor Wedding in Paris

Laughing, we dare each other
to jump into the crystal-clear fountains
and gaze at the bright blue sky
obstructed only by the Eiffel Tower in the distance.
I gently pull her against me
and close the distance between us,
our lips speaking more than the most beautiful poems
and our love as infinite as the skies stretching above us.

"City of Love" - Grey

In the heart of the City of Love, under the open sky and along the tranquil waters of the Seine River, Anna and Richard embarked on a journey that would forever intertwine their lives. Their love story unfolded against the backdrop of an enchanting outdoor wedding in Paris, an authentic celebration of love, laughter, and the promise of a beautiful future. As their Paris wedding videographer, I had the extraordinary privilege of preserving every cherished moment of their Seine-side wedding.

Couple in love hugging in the streets of Paris
Outdoor Wedding in Paris: The streets of the city of love

Press play to watch their Parisian wedding video on the Seine, and then keep reading for more details about the story. If you are planning your destination wedding in Europe, you may also want to check out a few of my other wedding films in Ravello, Puglia, Amalfi Coast, or Rome.

A Seine-Side Soiree: Unveiling the Magic

Imagine the scene: Paris, the ultimate romantic destination, where every street corner whispers artistry andtales of love. Now, add to this tableau the breathtaking backdrop of the Seine River, where Anna and Richard’s love story found its perfect setting. Their outdoor wedding was a testament to the allure of Paris and the beauty of an alfresco celebration.

Paris aerial picture blue hour with the Eiffel Tower
The City of Love: Paris is a living Monument

Aboard L’Éxcellence

L’Éxcellence by Paris Yachts is the epitome of elegance and luxury on the Seine River. This exquisite yacht offers the perfect setting for romantic moments, weddings, and special occasions. With its timeless design and breathtaking views of Paris, L’Éxcellence creates an ambiance of unparalleled sophistication. Whether you’re exchanging vows or celebrating a milestone, this exceptional vessel ensures an unforgettable experience along the iconic waters of the Seine.

Beautiful Couple in the gardens of the Palais Royal in Paris
Paris Seine-Side Wedding: Filming romantic moments of the wedding couple in the gardens of Palais Royal

Two Worlds, One Love: Richard and Anna’s Journey

Richard’s introduction to Paris was serendipitous—a journey that would change his life forever. Through a mutual friend who had already made Paris his home, he discovered the city’s enchanting beauty. Little did he know that his adventure would lead him to Anna, a Parisian with a deep love for her city and a passion for breathwork—a practice that guides individuals on a path to nervous system regulation and emotional healing.

Paris Arc de Triomphe aerial picture
In the heart of the Parisian city you can plan an outdoor wedding on the Seine

Paris, the Ultimate Love Story Setting for an Outdoor Wedding

Anna and Richard’s choice of Paris as their wedding destination was a testament to the city’s timeless allure and romantic ambiance. From the iconic Seine River to the cobblestone streets of Montmartre, Paris provided an enchanting canvas for their love story to unfold. Though their love story began in Paris, Anna and Richard are now based in the vibrant city of London, where they continue to write the chapters of their life together. Their journey, which started with a chance encounter in the City of Light, has taken them on an adventure that knows no bounds.

Cute couple in the gardens of the Palais Royal
Anna and Richard having fun under the rain in the gardens of Palais Royal

A Day of Intensity and Breath

Their day began with moments of anticipation and joy as they prepared for their outdoor ceremony. Anna, a vision of elegance in her wedding attire, radiated love and happiness in the iconic hotel Le Cheval Blanc in the center of Paris. With unique views of the Pont Neuf and the Eiffel Tower from her Suite, she always kept an eye on the rainy weather, crossing her fingers for the ceremony. 

Outdoor wedding ceremony aboard L'Excellence on the Seine in Paris
Richard arriving aboard l’Excellence for the wedding ceremony

Their wedding day was a whirlwind of emotions and intensity. As their Paris wedding videographer, I witnessed the moments of stress that bubbled up during the day. Especially due to the rainy weather that could compromise the outdoor wedding ceremony. Yet, it was during these intense times that Anna’s expertise in breathwork shone through. Her calming presence and the practice of intentional breathing became their anchor, helping them navigate the waves of emotion.

How to make a Paris outdoor wedding Ceremony by the Seine more personal

Anna and Richard chose to exchange their vows in a deeply personal way. Their ceremony, set against the backdrop of the Seine’s gently flowing waters, was an ode to their unique love story. What made it even more special was the officiation by one of their closest friends, infusing the ceremony with an intimacy that touched every heart present.

Outdoor wedding ceremony aboard L'Excellence on the Seine in Paris
Paris outdoor wedding ceremony on the Seine river is such a unique idea

As with any outdoor event, the weather posed a momentary challenge. Initially, rain clouds threatened to cast a shadow over the day, causing a ripple of concern among the couple and their guests. The start of the ceremony had to be postponed briefly, but as fate would have it, the rain ceased, and the clouds parted, revealing a clear sky. A perfect metaphor for their relationship—weathering the storm and emerging stronger and brighter.

Couple exchanging wedding vows on the Seine for their outdoor wedding in Paris
Paris Outdoor Wedding: Exchanging vows on a boat on the Seine is so romantic

A Global Celebration of Love, Positive Vibes & Endless Energy

Anna and Richard’s outdoor wedding in Paris was a global affair, with guests from all corners of the world coming together to celebrate their love. The wedding party aboard “L’ Éxcellence” was nothing short of spectacular. With the backdrop of Parisian landmarks along the Seine, guests danced the night away, creating unforgettable memories.

Wedding on the Seine in Paris
Paris Seine-Side Wedding: The views from aboard the Paris Yachts are spectacular

Throughout the day, the wedding exuded positive vibes and boundless energy. The love and joy that Anna and Richard shared with their guests were palpable. It was a celebration of love that transcended borders, a testament to the power of love to bring people together.

Outdoor wedding ceremony aboard L'Excellence on the Seine in Paris
Paris Outdoor Wedding: The couple celebrating on the Seine river

“Respire”: A Wedding Film Title with Meaning

For those of you who follow my work, you know that each film is personal and authentic to the couple and their story. Anna and Richard’s wedding film bears the title “Respire,” a word that encapsulates the essence of their journey. It signifies the act of breathing, of taking in life’s moments, and of finding peace amidst the storm. “Respire” is a reflection of Anna and Richard’s ability to breathe through challenges and emerge stronger as a couple.

Crazy party on the Seine to celebrate a Paris outdoor wedding
The craziest Seine -Side outdoor wedding party in Paris aboard L’Excellence

Outdoor Paris Wedding Videography: Your Seine-Side Love Story Awaits

If you dream of an outdoor wedding along the Seine in Paris, I would be honored to be part of your celebration as your Paris wedding videographer. Together, we can create a film that captures the essence of your love story against the backdrop of the Seine’s tranquil waters and the romantic ambiance of Paris. Let’s make your dream of a Seine-side wedding a reality.

Couple kissing in front of the Eiffel tower filmed by their Paris Wedding Videographer
Outdoor Paris Seine-Side Wedding: Spectacular Wedding party in front of the Eiffel Tower under the full moon

With my team just a short flight away from Paris, I have the privilege of working all over France. If you connect with my style and vision, I’d love to hear more about your story and help you craft a personalized wedding videography experience in Paris. Let’s create memories that will last a lifetime, just like Anna and Richard did on their beautiful Seine-side day.

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