Frame from the Best Wedding Videos of 2022 a couple in a vintage car

Best Wedding Videos of 2022 – Cinema of Poetry Year Roundup

The past few years have been a true roller coaster of emotions in many ways. After almost twenty-four months of health measures and restrictions, which have seriously affected the wedding industry as a whole and destination wedding videography in particular, 2022 has been a year of reopening, expansion and celebration. A year under the sign of international travel and destination weddings. As the year wraps up, it’s now time to turn another page. I cannot believe that this exciting wedding and elopement season has already come to an end! Yet, taking a few moments to reflect on the year highlights, I am really happy to share with you a glimpse of the best wedding videos of 2022.

Best Wedding Videos of 2022: Couple ceremony exit in Puglia Italy
Ceremony exit in Puglia Italy

This short showreel has been inspired by the movie “The Perks of Being a Wallflower“. As always, my aim is to tell a story, while being able to fit a few of the most important memories from this year.

The best wedding videos of 2022: A big thank you

Dear couples, I’d like to say a big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your love and trust. Thank you for embracing my approach and personal vision and for connecting with me on a human level. I’m really grateful to have met you all and to tell all your beautiful stories.

Best Wedding Videos of 2022: Couple in Santorini Greece
Stunning elopement in Santorini Greece

You always have been and will always be the protagonists in Cinema of Poetry ‘s Story and wedding films. You are the main reason why I chose to be a destination wedding videographer. Your films are the best wedding videos of 2022!

It is not about the journey, or the destination, but about the people that you meet along the way…

Best Wedding Videos of 2022: Couple in a vintage car in iconic Villa Medici in Rome
A lovely wedding in the iconic Villa Medici in Rome

2022 at a glance

Year Statistics

  • 25 Destination Weddings & Intimate Elopements
  • 3 Continents
  • 7 Countries: Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Iceland, Morocco & the United States
  • 22 Cities: Paris, New York, Rome, Barcelona, Reykjavik, Marrakech, Sorrento, Amalfi, Ravello, Positano are just a few of the highlights …
  • Embarked on 38 international flights, missed one, yet saved the day in the last minute.
  • Over 20 TB of footage filmed
Videographer Cinema of Poetry filming an outdoors boat wedding in Paris
Outdoors wedding in Paris France

Year Retrospective

What an amazing year has it been!
Lots of unforgettable adventures, lovely people, moving stories, crazy ups & downs…

Wedding Couple in Sorrento Italy
Stunning Destination Wedding in Sorrento Italy


This year I have filmed some of the most amazing destination weddings and elopements all over the globe. Some have been physically demanding: in more than one instances, crazy back-to-back travels to shoot wedding videos have occurred. I recall, in particular, travelling from the island of Thasos to Santorini then Athens, Rome and Puglia, all within an interval of 5 days! This was intense and almost with no time to rest at all…

Wedding couple watching the panoramic infinity view in Ravello, Italy, filmed by wedding videographer Cinema of Poetry
Intimate destination wedding in the picturesque Villa la Rondinaia in Ravello Italy

Many of 2022 wedding films have also required a very high level of pre-production work. From location scouting, to planning and implementing the best setup for lights, camera angles and sound for ceremonies and speeches. Some people may still believe that shooting a wedding video in 2022 is as simple as holding a camera and pressing the record button. However, when we are talking about the best wedding videos, a very important part lies in the pre-production and post-production work that is required to produce a high-level cinematic film.

Best Wedding Videos of 2022: Wedding Couple celebrating in Upstate New York
A wonderful wedding in Upstate New York
Jewish Wedding in the desert of Marrakech filmed by videographer Cinema of Poetry
Jewish wedding in the heart of the desert in Marrakech, Morocco

We also had to deal with crazy weather. I still remember, running to grab all cameras, tripods and other equipment to run for shelter, after a ceremony in the woods near Barcelona, when a crazy thunderstorm hit the place right after the end of the vows! Or the thunderstorm that hit the Amalfi Coast during the prewedding party of a luxury wedding in Villa Astor. That was intense!

Ceremony exit by the couple in a Luxury destination wedding in Villa Astor in Sorrento
Catwalk ceremony exit in Villa Astor Sorrento Italy


Apart from filming some of the most beautiful destination wedding videos, 2022 has been a year dedicated to building my studio. This is a big project, that is almost accomplished now and 2023 will be the year where Cinema of Poetry will move to a new place.

Best Wedding Videos of 2022: Destination wedding ceremony exit in la Garriga de Castelladral Spain
Three day wedding in La Garriga de Castelladral, Spain

On a personal level, I laughed a lot, cried a lot, danced till late night, edited till the morning, had a few drinks, watched the northern lights, observed the stars dance in the sky, made new friends… I enjoyed every single moment of it and really feel my heart beating full of inspiration.

Moments from the best 2022 Destination Weddings and Intimate Elopements Films

The short video reel above is a glimpse of memories, including all of the lovely couples from the best wedding videos of 2022. A few full stories have made it to the blog already, but I will definitely post a few more of these weddings in the future.

Naxos wedding videography: Couple in the sunset
Destination Wedding in Naxos Greece
Bride reaching the ceremony location in Kastellorizo by boat
Destination Wedding in Kastellorizo

Best 2022 Wedding Films – Full stories

As a destination wedding Videographer, in 2022 I have filmed weddings and elopements in: Paris, Rome, New York, Marrakech, Iceland, Barcelona, Sorrento, Ravello, Amalfi, Positano, Santorini, Naxos, Syros, Athens, Kastellorizo, among others. Here you can find direct links to some of the full wedding stories, so that you can enjoy a selection of the best full wedding videos of 2022!

  1. Pagan Winter Elopement in Iceland
  2. Luxury Wedding in Villa Astor Amalfi Coast, Italy
  3. Wedding in Gather Greene, Upstate New York
  4. Romantic Boho Wedding in Masseria Spina Puglia, Italy
Couple eloping in Santorini Greece
Romantic Elopement in Santorini
Best Elopement Films: Wedding Couple in front of a waterfall in Iceland
Winter Elopement in Iceland

2023 Best Wedding Videography

After two difficult years for the whole industry, 2022 has been a blast for destination weddings. It has also been a moment of reflection as well as a milestone for the future and expansion of Cinema of Poetry with the new studio coming up. So, let’s see where 2023 takes us.

Best Wedding Videos of 2022: Couple running in the gardens of Palais Royal in Paris
Outdoors Wedding in Paris

Sometimes, the couples that I work with ask me: “which is your best wedding video?” My answer to this question is that the best wedding video will be the one that we will produce from your own wedding! And as cheesy or ambitious this may sound, this is a challenge that I always put to myself in order to evolve.

If you resonate with my storytelling approach and videography style, Let’s talk to see how we can create the best wedding video for your own destination event.

The best is yet to come

Big hug, lots of love ❤

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I cannot wait to hear more about you, your partner and your common plans. Let’s start creating your most beautiful memories today!
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