Wedding Videographer in France for a chateau wedding: Featured image of a couple outside the Chateau Chapeau Cornu

Wedding Videographer in France – French Chateau Wedding in Lyon

Hold me tight
As tight as you can
Let me listen to your chest
Rise and fall
Let me collapse into you
and find my home
Once and for all
Pull me closer
scream my name
Then whisper
I love you

Wouldn’t it be a dream for you to get married in a french castle in the picturesque countryside? Well these two did! When I first met Camille and Zeuhayr over a Skype call, I knew that I had to be their wedding videographer in France! Coming from different countries and backgrounds, their story is about overcoming all obstacles and cultural, or religious, differences to be together. Love always prevails eventually. And they celebrated their love with their intimate wedding in the French Chateau de Chapeau Cornu in Vignieu. A small town near Lyon, in the Rhones Alpes region in the south of France.

Wedding couple walking in the french countryside in front of the Chateau Chapeau Cornu for their wedding video
Wedding Videographer in France: Enjoy an after wedding walk in the French countryside in front of the Chateau wedding venue

If you haven’t already enjoyed my other intimate destination wedding videos in Europe, in Umbria or in Puglia in Italy, in lake Achensee in Austrian Alps or in Ticino Switzerland you can check them out. But first, I suggest that you press play on the film right above and watch the romantic story of this wedding in the French Chateau. The film is in French, but english subtitles are available if you press the cc button.

Chateau de Chapeau Cornu: An elegant Wedding Venue to get married in France

The Chateau de Chapeau Cornu is a 13th Century characterful location, situated in the central-southern French countryside in the town of Vignieu, near Lyon. An oasis of green trees and golden fields surrounds this spectacular venue that was named after its’ noble builders. With its beautiful outdoors pool, imposing courtyards and medieval style interiors, this intimate chateau combines charm and elegance. It is undoubtedly a dream wedding venue for a ceremony in a french castle.

Chateau Chapeau Cornu is an amazing castle wedding venue in France
Aerial View of the Chateau de Chapeau Cornu in the French Countryside; An impressive castle wedding venue in France Rhone Alps region

It offers an opportunity to combine a gathering with the dearest friends and family of the couple, from all over the world, with a nice vacation in one of the most picturesque landscapes of the French countryside.

Wedding Video in France: The Story

Amor Vincit Omnia

Camille and Zeuhayr are a mixed French-Moroccan couple. Camille is the only child in her family, whereas Zeuhayr comes from a numerous family. Zeuhayr is rather adventurous and would travel in the most secluded places around the world, whereas Camille is more reserved. There are many differences of background or religion that could stand in their way and stop them from being together. But they have always managed to overcome the obstacles and celebrate their differences, creating a very solid group together with their friends and family.

French countryside in Vignieu near the castle wedding venue of Chateau Chapeau Cornu
Imposing landscape of a cornfield in Vignieu near the castle wedding venue of Chateau Chapeau Cornu

Their common journey consists in a constant challenge and evolution and has always been founded on mutual respect. They have lived a long distance relationship when Zeuhayr moved to Australia, but they have managed to keep the flame alive.

As soulmates they have travelled the world. From Australia to India and Morocco, together or with their group of friends. They alwaya continue to support each other, in every change, enjoying the experiences that they gain along the way.

Surprise Proposal near the Eiffel Tower

After many years together, Zeuhayr decided to propose when they were on a trip to Paris. He had planned to do this under the spectacular monument of the Eiffel tower. But it was a cold winter night, there was no access to the tower due to works and Camille wanted to go back to the hotel after the restaurant. So he had to improvise. He opted to take her to the the Champ de Mars, near the tower. And, in a totally unexpected moment, Zeuhayr fell down in one knee and proposed! She accepted in tears. A very emotional moment.

Cows in the french countryside near the chateau wedding venue of Chapeau Cornu in Vignieu
Cows in the french countryside near the chateau wedding venue of Chapeau Cornu in Vignieu

The couple discovered my wedding videography online and loved the storytelling and unconventional approach of my films. In particular, my film of the elopement in Morocco of another mixed couple. They contacted me thereafter to be their Wedding Videographer in France and to chat about how we could capture their wedding in the french Chateau de Chapeau Cornu. Everything was set for the next step of their journey.

Intimate Wedding in a French Chateau postponed due to the COVID pandemic

The wedding in the french castle was initially planned for June 2020. Alas, the global pandemic hit hard all central Europe and the wedding had to be postponed, because the venue was closed at that time and no weddings could be celebrated due to COVID.

A lengthy period of stress both for the couple and me, as their wedding videographer in France, followed. We attended carefully all the presidential announcements, all the travel restrictions and I did change dates for my airtickets to go to France a few times… But this was meant to happen! The date was eventually set for late August.

When we met each other in Vignieu we were laughing at this crazy adventure that we lived to arrive there. But now everything was ready and the scene was set. I attended their wedding rehearsal and discussed with their celebrant Solange from Célébrer la Vie. Everything was perfect under control.

groom getting ready with his groomsmen for a french castle wedding
The groom and groomsmen are ready

Getting ready

The bride and groom got ready in two different rooms of the Chateau, while their florists from Ephemere-Deco were preparing the latest details of the decoration. Camille went for a classy design look in her wedding dress by Max Chaoul, while Zeuhayr opted for a classic elegance with a suit by De Fursac. Amélie Gouttenoire definitely did a perfect job with the hair and make up. Classy and elegant, as it should be.

bride getting ready with her bridesmaids for a french castle wedding
The bride and bridesmaids are ready

The ceremony

The outdoors humanist wedding ceremony took place in the courtyard of the Chateau, near the small lake. A very picturesque wedding venue with a stunning view over the adjacent hills and fields. The bride walked a long path under the trees from the main building, accompanied by her father. Zeuhayr waited under the arch, together with all the guests. It was a very emotional moment to capture on video.

Wedding videographer in France captures a luxurious outdoors castle ceremony: the couple is exchanging vows
Beautiful setup for this outdoors castle wedding ceremony in the Chateau Chapeau Cornu, with the couple exchanging their emotional vows

The highlights of this castle wedding ceremony were the speeches by the bridesmaids and groomsmen, close friends of the couple. They reminded all the moments they have had together. We also heard several anecdotes of the common life of the couple. Many pieces of the puzzle that put together the story.

Wedding Ceremony in the French Chateau Chapeau Cornu: you may now kiss the bride
Wedding Videographer in France for a castle wedding ceremony: You may now kiss the bride

The vows to each other were very emotional. Zeuhayr did mention how their love has prevailed, overcoming all the social stereotypes and conventions of modern society that were initially against them. It was a unique moment to capture. You can check out their vows in their wedding video above.

The party

After the celebration, the guests enjoyed a small jazz group concert by the pool by Lune de Jazz. After sunset, a spectacular firework show took place in the front courtyard of the Chateau. You can check out a few momens in their video. Later in the evening the small group of guests, enjoyed the party. The privacy of the Chateau allowed for a crazy party till early morning. We enjoyed, among others, some typical Moroccan music and dance.

I truly enjoyed working with Camille and Zeuhayr as their wedding Videographer in France. They definitely have an emotional and romantic story, kind and beautiful families and friends. This has also been the opportunity for me to travel again to France, even in such a difficult period with so many travel restrictions due to the global pandemic.

Planning an intimate castle Wedding in a French Chateau

If you are planning a destination castle wedding in France, then finding the right team of professionals to help you realize your special day is very important. Having lived several years in Paris, speaking French fluently and having worked as a Wedding Videographer in France several times, I am always delighted to assist you with your planning process. Destination weddings require a lot of diy and help from experienced professionals.

pturing the couple for their wedding Video in a French chateau
A french castle is the perfect backdrop for a creative wedding video

Although the couple here were local to the Lyon region they booked some of the best wedding vendors in France. Thankfully, Ibtihel the wedding planner of the Chateau was very helpful and everything was perfectly scheduled.

Wedding Celebrant in France

I really enjoyed the personalized storytelling approach followed by the wedding celebrant Solange of Célébrer la Vie. She managed to put together all the pieces of the puzzle. All the speeches of the close friends during the ceremony contribuited to the story. If you are looking to ger married in a french castle, I can definitely recommend her to be your wedding celebrant.

Wedding Photographer

The pictures featured in this article are few frames of the actual film. But I really had a great time working together with Blandine Soulage the photographer of the wedding. We had an excellent coordination, fun time, and definitely looking forward to working together with her in the future too. You can always ping me if you need recommendations for some of the best photographers I’ve worked with.

Wedding couple in a french castle posing for their wedding videographer in France
Wedding Videographer in France: after the beautiful wedding ceremony in the Chateau Chapeau Cornu, the couple enjoyed the sunset in the beautiful countryside of the Rhones Alps region

Getting married in Europe? Are you planning your wedding in France in a french castle or a more traditional venue? I suggest that you check out the planning tips and guides section of the Blog. You may always find some useful information there for your planning process. In any case, if we work together for your wedding video, it is always a pleasure to refer some of the top professionals in Europe that share the same professional ethos and style.

Your Wedding Video in France

I often feel lucky to be able to travel to some of the most iconic and picturesque places all over Europe. Having a second base in Paris France, I really enjoy to travel and film in beautiful locations overlooking the french countryside.

Wedding Videographer in France for a chateau wedding: Featured image of a couple outside the Chateau Chapeau Cornu
Wedding Videographer in France: Enjoy tender moments after wedding in front of the imposing Chateau wedding venue

After a few wedding videos in France it still feels great to meet new couples and hear their stories. Couples that travel from the other side of the world because they have decided to get married in a French Castle. Be it in Provence, Rhone Alps or the northern region close to Paris. The country is full of amazing locations waiting for you to discover.

Wedding couple hand in hand outside a chateau posing for their wedding videographer in France
Love always prevails

You’ll be spoilt for choice picking your ideal chateau for your micro wedding in France and your party till the morning. But because our memories are all that remain after a few years, make sure that you have the best wedding videographer to tell your story in the french chateau.

My philosophy as a wedding videographer

Every story is different, so my approach to each wedding film is completely personalized. Not a copy-paste from a previous story. The characters of the people are the ones that make each story unique. So I always try to listen to them and empathize. That is how I can get inside their story and create a short film that truly represents the couple.

Wedding couple enjoys a romantic moment after sunset posing for their Wedding Videographer in front of a Chateau in France
Romantic moment in the french countryside after the wedding ceremony in the Chateau Chapeau Cornu: a frame captured for their wedding film

Are you planning your destination wedding in a french castle? I would love to be your wedding videographer in France. Sharing my base around Athens Greece, Paris France, and Milan Italy, I am always on the move around Europe. Feel free to check out some of my recent films and Frequently Asked Questions and, if you feel that we are a match, do get in touch. 

Let’s start planning how to tell your own personal story and how to create some magic for your wedding video in France.

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I cannot wait to hear more about you, your partner and your common plans. Let’s start creating your most beautiful memories today!
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