Love is an ocean
full of storm and calm
and confusing depths of blue
where terribly wonderful things occur....

"Love is an Ocean" - P. Schaller

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Have you ever wondered what is Love? There can be multiple answers to this question and, even for the same person, the answer can change over time. My journey to the Canary islands, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean revealed some new interesting aspects of these amazing surfer islands. This is an inspiration elopement that I’ve had the chance to film as a Wedding Videographer in Gran Canaria. A video poetry for love inspired by the immensity of the ocean and the beauty of this adventurous couple. Press play and enjoy the film, right above. Then keep on reading to discover all the stories Behind The Scenes.

Gran Canaria is a great place to get married

Gran Canaria enjoys year round warmth (around 25 degrees) and sunshine with very little seasonal variation. Summers are hot and dry while winters are just slightly cooler with a few showers making it a perfect place to plan a wedding or an adventurous elopement.  Being a popular touristic destination the island offers a great variety of accommodation and has regular flights from the most important European Capitals. Therefore, Gran Canaria is the perfect destination wedding location if you wan to combine a wild landscape with some entertainment.  

Black Sand Beach in Gran Canaria
Black Sand Beach in Gran Canaria. Where the ocean meets the rocks

Combining the great weather and the Spanish charm, Gran Canarias tourism is thriving and offers many activities ranging from Golf, Sailing, Water Sports to Camel Trecking! There are some truly amazing venues for your wedding in the sun.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria people contemplating the ocean
People contemplating the sea in Las Palmas. The wild nature of the ocean is the perfect companion for surfers and adventurous couples that want to elope
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria the ocean
The wild nature of the ocean is the perfect companion for adventurous couples that want to have a shooting session on the island with a Gran Canaria Wedding Videographer

Wedding Video in Gran Canaria: The story

Let me share a few words about how this adventurous inspiration elopement shooting, gave me the idea to create a short cinematic spot about the concept of love. From the vastness of the ocean to the infinity of love.

Wedding Videographer in Gran Canaria filming an Adventurous Elopement Gran Cueva
Photoshooting in the wild landscape of Cueva Grande. When creating my stories I also enjoy shooting a few pictures that help me tell the story.

Gran Canaria Wedding Videography

There are a few wedding videographers local to Gran Canaria, but obviously not as many as in continental Spain. I feel really blessed to be available to travel and offer Wedding Videography in Gran Canaria for couples with an adventurous souls from all over the world. It is such a magnificent place that inspires you to create something unique for them.

Wedding Videographer in Gran Canaria filming an Adventurous Elopement Gran Cueva
Two boho souls in an adventurous landscape of the Canyon in Cueva Grande

The island of Gran Canaria and Las Palmas, in particular, have been mostly promoted for the sunny weather and their touristic side so far. However, they also offer quite a few spots to shoot pictures and video with a more dramatic character. Such spots are for instance the sand dunes of Maspalomas, the Black Sand Beach and the Canyon of Cueva Grande.

The Story: What is Love?

I have travelled to Gran Canaria from Athens for this film. I had in mind to shoot a story that would be somehow different from the mainstream wedding videography trends. Something more adventurous and unconventional.

You have to dig deep inside your soul to tell a story through an inspiration shooting. But most of the times the most beautiful ideas come from simple things. The first day I arrived on the island, I went to the beach in Las Palmas and I stood there contemplating the ocean for several hours. I was amazed by the silent power of the ocean. The strong undercurrents that generate waves that can drag you in, before you even realize that you are unable to go back. The ocean has a great mystery that I really admire. I always respect and admire the sea.

Adventurous bride in Gran Canaria
Kenzie is a beautiful half Canadian bride
Adventurous groom in Gran Canaria
Joannes is an adventurous soul and an unconventional groom

Kenzie and Joannes are two adventurous bohemian souls. When I met them we all knew that we were going for something strong. While capturing the hippy love between these two, I decided to introduce a mystery element to the mix to address a deeper question that all lovers might have had at some point of their lives: What is love?

Wedding Videographer in Gran Canaria filming an Adventurous Elopement Gran Cueva
Adventurous Elopement in Gran Canaria Cueva Grande

The idea was to create a visual poetry based on the metaphore of the ocean and the water element to illustrate the sheer power of love. The beautiful immensity, the safe zones, but also the struggles we all go through in life and the under currents that can drag us in before we even realize.

Wedding Videographer in Gran Canaria filming an Adventurous Elopement Cueva Grande

For the voice over I have used a poem by Peter Schaller that is so inspiring in this metaphore. In the film there is also a third mysterious person. Annabelle, appears as a lonely bride wandering and being very expressive. This presence illustrates another aspect of love. A bit of sadness of an unrealized love.

If you like my visual poetry approach in wedding videography you can also consider watching my other films based on this approach: Showreel and Inspiration Elopement in Morocco.

The preparations

The couple got dressed together and helped each other while dressing up. Kenzie, the bride, chose to wear a romantic wedding dress by Alicia Rueda Atelier. Joanes, the groom, went for a bohemian adventurous look by wearing more casual clothes.

Wedding Videographer in Gran Canaria filming elopement in Blacksand beach
Wild sunset shooting in the Black Sand beach

Shooting an elopement in Gran Canaria

Having previous experience as a destination wedding videographer in Gran Canaria I was able to assist the couple in picking the ideal spots to exchange their vows, as well as the spots for the photo and video shooting. In the day of the elopement we had the opportunity to go and shoot pictures and video through different, unique spots of the island.

Wedding Videographer in Gran Canaria filming an Adventurous Elopement Gran Cueva
Painterly colors at sunset in Cueva Grande

I always suggest to all the couples planning to elope or to get married in Gran Canaria to book an experienced destination wedding Videographer and Photographer. Not only for the obvious reason of being legally allowed to shoot wedding photography and video in Gran Canaria, but also for the reason of knowing well all the amazing hidden spots for a shooting.

Wedding Videographer in Gran Canaria filming an Adventurous Elopement Gran Cueva
An emotional moment

All the pictures featured in this article were shot by me. Although I am not a destination wedding photographer, I always use my video frames and some pictures that I shoot to tell the story.

Wedding Videographer in Gran Canaria filming an Adventurous Elopement Gran Cueva
Contemplating the pink sky after sunset at the Canyon of Cueva Grande

Destination Wedding Video Awards

This Gran Canaria Inspiration Elopement video has won the Best Couple Film Award in the 18th edition of Inspiration Photographers Awards. Furthermore, the film has obtained a Gold Award in the Annual Filmmaking Competition 2018 by WPPI in Las Vegas scoring a whooping 91 points!

Adventurous Elopement in the sand dunes filmed by Wedding Videographer in Gran Canaria
Shooting an adventurous wedding video in the dunes of Maspalomas

Planning your wedding video in Gran Canaria

As a wedding videographer in Gran Canaria, I feel really blessed to film in elegant Venues like Hacienda del Buen Succeso, El jardin della Marquesa, Hotel Rurale des Tirajanas, Maroa Club de Mar, Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort, or Radison Blue Resort. I also enjoy telling the love stories of couples in love that decide to get married somewhere in the infinite beauty of the wild landscape. From the brilliant white sand of Amadores Beach, to the dark mystery of the Black Sand beach, there are full of wonderful spots to get married in Gran Canaria!

Adventurous Elopement in the sand dunes filmed by Wedding Videographer in Las Palmas Gran Canaria
The dunes of Maspalomas are a unique spot were you feel that you are in the middle of a sand desert.

Plan your adventurous elopement

Are you planning to have an adventurous elopement? if you are undecided about the location I can suggest some of the best adventurous spots in Europe: The Isle of Skye in Scotland, the Caldera in Santorini, the wild nature of the Faroe Islands or the singular beauty of Iceland.

Gran Canaria videography for adventurous souls

Chances are that you have decided to elope in Spain and you are looking for the best Wedding Videographer in Gran Canaria. Then you have found the right person to guide you through the venues and locations for your wedding day!

I really love the wild beauty of Gran Canaria and can help you pick one of the amazing places on the island to organize your wedding, elopement or pre-wedding session. I would be delighted to be your wedding videographer in Gran Canaria. My passport is ready and I cannot wait to meet you. Let’s start planning your wedding or adventurous elopement together.


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