Personal Work

This is a selection of projects from my Personal Work, including Arthouse Short Films, photography, or slideshows created all around the world. In my free time I love to shoot street photography, portrait photography or to create experimental short films. It is a way to express my creativity.

Some of my work has been awarded in top international film festivals and has been screened in full theaters worldwide.

As with weddings, my approach to Arthouse Short Films too is based on storytelling and sets the human element in the center of the narrative. The aim of my videos is not to impress you with eye-catching visuals mixed on top of cool music, but, instead, to go to the essence of things and to tell a veritable love story. To transmit a real human experience.

All heroes or protagonists of a film may have their own individual struggles and their way to resolution, or relief. Life is not paved with roses. Many times my Arthouse Short Films are inspired by personal experiences, poetry, or music. These are the driving forces of my inspiration.

I use cinematic language and narrative techniques to transmit my message to the viewers, so that their brain can sync with the idea that I want to transmit as a filmmaker. This is how they can connect emotionally with the story and feel empathy. My ultimate purpose is to create a cinematic arthouse short film narrative, or a visual poetry, that can touch the viewer on an emotional level, while telling your story in the most personalized and distinctive way.

I am Kostas Petsas, your Multi Awarded Destination Wedding Videographer in Greece. Elected International Filmmaker of the year 2018 & 2019 and Europe’s Best Wedding Video 2018.

We all crave about interesting stories, so let’s talk about yours!