Yet I am one of those who
from nothing but man’s way of thought
and one of his dialects
and what has happened to me
Have made poetry

“Of Being Numerous” – G. Oppen

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Workshop for Videographers

Education is the passport to the future

Are you looking for a Conference or Workshop for Videographers, or a one-to-one mentoring session? Are you taking your first steps as a wedding videographer? Are you a photographer trying to learn more about filmmaking? Or are you simply searching to push your inspiration and creativity further? I would be glad to welcome you to my international Conferences and Workshop for videographers and creative professionals. For more information and dates check out the dedicated website.

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Alternatively, I would be delighted to arrange a one-to-one mentoring session tailored to your needs if you prefer a more customized schedule. We can discuss topics ranging from technical aspects of filming to the editing workflow, do a portfolio review, or go through the way to connect and interact with a couple to get all the necessary elements in order to tell their story. I will openly share my experience and knowledge as a wedding videographer.

Having acquired a sound background in academic education through my previous positions, I believe that teaching is learning twice. We all grow as professionals and as humans by supporting the community and by sharing our knowledge. Send me an e-mail at and I will be glad to get back to you.

Kind Words from fellow Professionals

Strive not to be a success but rather to be of value

Color Grading Tools for Videographers & Photographers

life is a painting and you are the artist

In the past few years working as a hybrid shooter – photographer and filmmaker-, I have spent countless hours on research and fine-tuning the signature look of my films and pictures. My main emphasis is always on maintaining natural-looking skin tones while offering a subtle cinematic look and feeling to the picture. And by the term “Cinematic” I don’t necessarily intend the overused blockbuster tile and orange look, but a more subtle split toning between skin tones and the background, depending on the actual light conditions.

While the Poetry LUTs and Presets are not a one-size-fits-all solution, they can provide a good starting point and save you precious time in your color grading process.

Poetry LUTs Collection

If you are a filmmaker looking to create a distinctive cinematic look for your films you should check out the Poetry LUTs Collection in the Shop

Poetry Presets Collection

If you are a wedding photographer looking to achieve a distinctive cinematic look for all your pictures you should check out the Poetry Presets Collection in the Shop

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