Yet I am one of those who
from nothing but man’s way of thought
and one of his dialects
and what has happened to me
Have made poetry

"Of Being Numerous" - G. Oppen



Workshop for Videographers

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today

Are you looking for a Workshop for Videographers or a one to one mentoring session? Are you doing your first steps as a wedding videographer? Are you a photographer trying to learn more about filmmaking? Or are you simply searching to to push your inspiration and creativity further? I would be glad to welcome you to my international workshop for videographers and creative professionals. For more information and dates check out the dedicated website. Alternatively, I would be also glad to arrange an one to one mentoring session tailored to your needs if you prefer a more customized schedule. We can discuss topics ranging from technical aspects of filming to the editing workflow, do a portfolio review, or go through the way to connect and interact with a couple to get all the necessary elements in order to tell their story. I will openly share my experience and knowledge as a wedding videographer. Having acquired a sound background in academic education through my previous positions, I believe that teaching is learning twice. We all grow as professionals and as humans by supporting the community and by sharing our knowledge. Send me an e-mail over and I will be glad to get back to you.

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Workshop for Videographers picture of a couple on a pool shot during the workshop




  • – May 7-10, 2018, Santorini, Greece: Presentation Caldera Workshop
  • – October 2018: Creative Filmmaking Online Course for the Unraveled Academy
  • – March 18-21, 2019, Santorini, Greece: Presentation Caldera Workshop
  • – October 14-16, 2019, Aveiro, Portugal: Presentation & Masterclass Inspiration Conference
  • – November 6-8, 2019, Reggio Calabria, Italy: 2-day Masterclass Associazione Nazionale Videografi
  • – November 26-27 2019, Marrakech, Morroco: 1-day Masterclass Caldera Workshop
  • – November 11-13, 2020, Barcelona, Spain: Presentation in Video Forum Europe (BODAF)


Judge in Professional Filmmaking Contests


  • – December 2018 Annual Video Contest of the Romanian Association Fotografi Cameramani
  • – March 2019, Annual contest of Video Forum Europe Premios UnionWep
  • – 2019, Quarterly Video contest International Golden Heart (IGHA)
  • – November 2019, 4th round of Bride Association Videographers contest
  • – December 2019 Annual Video Contest of the Romanian Association Fotografi Cameramani
  • – December 2019 Super Judge in WEVA Greece Video Contest
  • – February 2020, 1st round of Bride Association Videographers contest
  • – November 2020 1st ANV Film Festival (Italy)
  • – December 2020 Annual Video Contest of the Romanian Association Fotografi Cameramani
  • – March 2021, Annual Video Contest of the Latvian Videographers Association

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Kind Words

Strive not to be a success but rather to be of value

• The Unraveled Academy 2018

Thank you so much for pouring your heart into teaching for us! We are very grateful for artists like you


• ANV Campus 2019

It has been a pleasure to meet you, both professionally and as a wonderful person that you are. You have transmitted so much, besides that you can be great, while remaining humble. Thank you!


• Inspiration Conference 2019

Your work made me cry... It is amazing and you deserve all the prizes.


• Caldera Workshop 2019

I will always transport myself back to those days where you've given us a lot of hope, encouragement and an infinite dose of creativity.


• ANV Campus 2019

Thank you so much for opening our minds to new perspectives. It has been really interesting


• ANV Campus 2019

A real honor to have had you as a Master Videographer. A very humble and highly creative professional. Thanks to you


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