Morocco Wedding Videographer filming Marrakech Elopement in the desert with camels

Marrakech Inspiration Elopement – Morocco Wedding Videographer

Everything carries me to you,
as if everything that exists,
aromas, light, metals,
were little boats
that sail
toward those isles of yours
that wait for me

"If You Forget Me" - P. Neruda

This film is a multi-awarded inspiration elopement video in Morocco. An art story created for the beautiful mixed couple of Jean and Wafa, that I have met during the period of the Ramadan in Marrakech. This is certainly a bit different from what I usually shoot as a Morocco Wedding videographer. It does not have the classic structure of documentary storytelling, but is rather based on an arthouse narrative approach. Using elements of visual poetry, I attempt to create a story around the possibility of a quantum reality where multiple universes co-exist. Subjective experiences of people can differ depending on the actual dimension in which they find themselves at a given point in time. Watch the inspiration elopement film right above, and then keep on reading if you would like to discover more about the idea behind the film.

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Morocco is a wonderful place to shoot a wedding video

Full of colors, warmth, sounds, and energy, Morocco is a country overflowing with beauty. From the dramatic Atlas Mountains, that form the backbone of the country, to the azure sea of the Atlantic Coastline that is in pure contrast with the yellow and gold of the desert sands in the south. Each town has its different unique beauty and character. Each adds to Morocco’s unique landscape.

Wedding in Marrakech
The amazing city of Marrakech is always full of people of colors, sounds and smells

The city of Marrakech

Marrakech is definitely a unique city with a special vibe. It is immersed in ancient artistry that continues to thrive, kept alive by the modern craftsmen of the Souqs. By contrast, a strong contemporary art and design scene prospers in the modern part of the city.

The streets of Marrakech before the wedding
The streets of Marrakech
The streets of Marrakech before the wedding
Kids running in the streets of Marrakech

The medina, an infinite warm color maze of almost 20km, is Marrakesh’s heart. Walking around the crowded souqs you can see fish, chicken, and sheep carcasses swing from hooks, while beautiful stray cats make their way around the alleys. A mixed odor of multicolored spices and delicious cooked food leads you through the endless crowded corridors, while motorbikes and bicycles rush with a sudden loud horn or bell to warn you for your life.

The Djemaa El Fna Square

You, then, somehow make it to the main artery of this mazy muddle. The vast square of Djemaa El Fna. It feels like there is always some kind of celebration in this place. Music, fragrances, food, street shows, open-air market and restaurants. Everything is there waiting for you to explore.

The streets of Marrakech before the wedding
Typical food store in the Souqs of Marrakech
cobra from Marrakech wedding in Jema el Fnaa square
Cobras in the Jemaa el-Fna square in Marrakech

In its craziness and frenetic mix for all the senses, Marrakech is an important wedding destination, much sought after by many couples from occidental countries. It is undoubtedly a very beautiful place to get married or elope.

Wedding videography in Marrakech

There are probably many Marrakech destination wedding videographers. However, my philosophy as a filmmaker is a bit different from a “mainstream” approach.

Morocco wedding videographer: my approach

First of all, I am always story-driven. Furthermore, I like to mix the perceived reality with memories, dreams, or elements from an imaginary world, or poetry. Because I believe that our childhood can be a great source of inspiration. When you make the effort to free your mind from every day’s grown-up conventions, you can re-discover such narrative elements through your childhood memories. And this is where beautiful and inspiring things occur.

Morocco Wedding videographer filming marrakech wedding
Wedding in Marrakech: Dancing in the Medina streets

Wedding Video in Morocco

While editing this elopement film, I aimed to create a visual poetry based on 3-different texts. Therefore, the film evolves in three parts. My main inspiration derived from the repetition of the 5 Muslim daily prayers, which I have witnessed during the period of Ramadan in Marrakech. Furthermore, I have used some elements from the tale of Alice in Wonderland, such as the possibility to pass through a looking glass and explore a different parallel dimension.

As a Morocco wedding videographer, I am excited to be able to create such stories, out of the industry-mainstream and the wedding trends. For the best possible experience, I suggest that you watch the destination wedding film above in full screen and play it loud.

The Story

Starring in the film, are the beautiful couple of Jean and Wafa, a mixed French-Morrocan couple that have trusted me and have decided to follow all the crazy ideas and suggestions. We have started our shooting in the heart of the Medina in Marrakech, at the amazing Riad al Loune.

Morocco Wedding videographer filming Wedding couple in the Riad Al Loune in Marrakech
Part of the film was shot in the amazing Riad Al Loune in Marrakech, a beautiful venue in the heart of the Medina
Morocco Wedding videographer filming Marrakech Wedding
Reflections in the Riad Al Loune, a beautiful venue for a wedding in Marrakech

We then traveled to the arid desert of Agafay. The couple exchanged their vows in the middle of the Morrocan desert in a unique scenery. This destination elopement video explores the concept of love through the possible co-existence of several parallel versions of our universe.

Morocco Wedding videographer filming Wedding couple portraits in Morroco
Part of the film was shot in the desert of Agafay, a singular and very inspiring place not far from the city of Marrakech

Marrakech is always frenetically busy with people, sounds, and smells, and I have tried to recreate this atmosphere in the film. Furthermore, elements of dream-like sequences and Inception-inspired bending walls, or inversed horizons, have enabled me to recreate an imaginary journey toward happiness.

Cinematic Wedding Films

Wedding films nowadays are getting more and more cinematic, focusing more on story and content. Technically speaking, there are many elements needed to create the “organic” look of cinema in a wedding video. One element that I have used in this film is the anamorphic lens Iscorama which enables to film with a wide cinemascope ratio of 1.5x. This technically means that the size of the film in pixels becomes 2880×1080 (instead of the Full HD default of 1920×1080 when filming on a 16:9 ratio of the sensor).

The anamorphot was used on a vintage Zeiss Biotar 58mm f2.0 taking lens. One camera, one lens. Less is more. As for the narrative, parts of Traditional Arabic poems were used combined with the poem “If you Forget Me” by Pablo Neruda.

Morocco Wedding videographer filming Elopement in the Moroccan desert
The desert of Agafay is a singular and very inspiring place not far from Marrakech
Morocco Wedding videographer filming Marrakech Wedding in the Agafay desert
An imaginary door to cross in the Moroccan desert

Destination Wedding Video Awards

The film has been voted as Best Wedding film in the 23rd Collection Awards by the Inspiration Photographers Association. One of the most important professional associations of wedding photographers and videographers worldwide. It has also received a Gold Distinction Award in the 2020 Annual Filmmaking Competition by the American Association WPPI scoring the highest score of the competition.

Morocco Wedding videographer filming Marrakech wedding in the Agafay desert
Wandering in the desert of Agafay

Interestingly the film is also an Official Selection of the “Forbidden Films” at the Jerome Indie Film and Music Festival in Arizona, US. An international selection of experimental, art-house and underground films chosen by the curators of the film festival to screen to a very appreciative audience. Probably the first time that a wedding film is selected to be screened in a film festival dedicated to experimental films.

Morocco Wedding videographer filming elopement in the desert
The beautiful wedding couple in the Morrocan desert of Agafay to exchange their vows

As a destination wedding videographer I feel really blessed to travel to iconic places like Morocco, Marrakech, the Morrocan desert of Agafay and the Sahara desert to tell love stories of amazing couples. Like the couple of Jean and Wafa, for whom I have created this original Marrakech Elopement film.

Are you getting married or eloping there? I would love to be your wedding videographer in Morocco. Don’t forget to have a look in some of my other destination wedding films, and go through their stories. Then send me a message so that we can start planning your wedding together.

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