Puglia wedding Videographer Cinema of Poetry Filming wedding couple among the olive trees

Puglia Wedding Videographer – Masseria Spina Destination Wedding

Walking in sunshine
weaving in shade,
the lizard and the olive press,
those plant-marked letters
pegged to dry, the sights
the smells, the sounds,
the thoughts . . .

"Lottie in Puglia" - Nigel Morgan

When an incredible couple finds your work and shares your love for a similar aesthetic, and they are also visual creatives themselves, you know your job will not only be easy, but it will be a true joy. Karolina and Marco asked me to be their Wedding Videographer in Puglia, in Southern Italy, and document their beautiful story in Masseria Spina. This was both an honour and a pleasure to film their special day, this past summer, and it was definitely the perfect match. The road to planning their dream destination wedding in Puglia wasn’t always as easy as they had expected, but it was absolutely worth the effort.

If you are planning a destination wedding in Italy you may also be interested to check out the posts about my other wedding videos in Umbria, Venice or the lake Maggiore. But I suggest that you first press the play button right above and watch this emotional boho chic wedding in Masseria Spina, Puglia.

A Destination Wedding in Puglia  

Puglia is one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. Located on the south eastern coast of the country, it combines unique beaches with turquoise waters in the Ionian sea, amazing cliffs and rocky seashores in the Adriatic sea, astonishing medieval architecture, local cultures and dialects dating back to the era of ancient Greece and one of the richest cuisines of the whole Mediterranean region.

Destination Wedding in Puglia Monopoli aerial view filmed by Videographer Cinema of Poetry
Breathtaking view of the centro storico of Monopoli. An amazing spot for a destination wedding in Puglia

There are many unique highlights that make Puglia an idyllic destination for weddings or elopements. If you are dreaming of getting married on the coast, Puglia has one of the longest coastlines in the entire mainland of Italy, and as such, some of the best beaches in the region. If you have a love of fine food and iconic Italian olive groves, Puglia has over 60 million olive trees (it’s the top producer of olive oil in the country). It is also the birthplace of burrata cheese, orecchiette pasta, and is one of the largest regions for wine making in the country, which adds to Puglia’s unique charm and culinary acclaim. If you’re more drawn to history and architecture but prefer warmer climates, then the city of Lecce, known as “Florence of the South”, might be your ideal destination. It is home to classic historical architecture such as a Roman amphitheatre, and many castles.

Puglia Wedding Videographer Cinema of Poetry filming couple in Monopoli for their destination Wedding in Masseria Spina
The centro storico of Monopoli is a place you must visit and looks like a backdrop for a 60’s italian movie

I am lucky to say that I know Puglia very well. It is like a second home for me, a region and culture to which I feel personally connected. Having spent many summers there, and having many local friends, it is always a pleasure to return. I look forward to my next opportunity as a wedding videographer in Puglia, and would recommend this wedding destination to those who have an appreciation for history and culture, fine food and rustic elegance, as well as beautiful weather and a laid back atmosphere. If you’re looking for that storybook Italian charm, Puglia won’t disappoint. 

Puglia Wedding Videography: The Story

“Marriage is perhaps the greatest and most challenging adventure of human relationships. No ceremony can create your marriage, only you can do that” – Officiant

Karolina and Marco met 6 years ago while working together in London. Both are creatives from different cultures and countries (Marco is Italian and Karolina is Lithuanian), but their love was destined to be, even if they didn’t know it from the start. They became very good friends through their work, which eventually evolved into a romantic feeling, and after a few months of dating they left for a year-long backpacking trip in SE Asia. It was their first real challenge for them as a couple. Of course an experience like that changes your life forever, and after their trip they became even closer, and knew they were meant for each other. 

Polignano a Mare Destination Wedding in Puglia
Polignano a Mare is built on top of these impressive cliffs creating a stunning scenery in Puglia

”When things went wrong, you would always be there, my rock and my biggest support” – Karolina

In the past 6 years they have supported each other through their most influential years of life, growing up into adulthood together, and have created a life for themselves from nothing. Today they work together and spend most of their time together. They feel more themselves when they’re together than when they’re apart.

Best Wedding Venue in Puglia Masseria Spina aerial view
Aerial view of iconic Masseria Spina, one of the best places to get married in Puglia
Puglia Wedding Venues Boho wedding decoration in Masseria Spina
Stunning dinner table setup in Masseria Spina for Karolina and Marco’s destination wedding in Puglia

Getting Married in Romantic Puglia: Masseria Spina Wedding

Marco and Karolina found my cinematography online and reached out to me as their destination wedding videographer in Puglia because, as they said “they watched almost every film I’d made… and found it remarkable that they got emotional watching the films without knowing the couples”. As fellow creatives and photographers, they also had great appreciation of my work, and I could tell we were a good fit.  

Getting Married in Puglia Stationnery Inspiration
Destination Wedding in Puglia: Bohemian stationnery in Masseria Spina

When it came time for planning their wedding, Karolina and Marco chose Puglia for its raw and traditional feel, for its authentic and rustic Masserias and obviously for the delicious Burrata cheese! Their wedding venue, Masseria Spina, is a grand structure that dates back to 11th-18th century, offering the opportunity to experience the sights, colours, flavours and traditions of the region. It is definitely one of the best wedding venues in Puglia, and the perfect cinematic backdrop to film a wedding.

Puglia Wedding Ring inspiration in Masseria Spina
Get married in Puglia: Engraving inspiration for your Wedding rings
Get Married in Puglia groom getting ready in Masseria Spina
Groom preparations: Marco getting ready in Masseria Spina

After going through a long and uncertain period with the pandemic, especially regarding wedding celebrations, their June 15th date was symbolic, as it happened to be the first day of summer in 2021 that wedding celebrations and gatherings in Italy were officially allowed again. This gave a special note to the day, as the couple rejoiced after much uncertainty whilst preparing their destination wedding during the pandemic, and knowing their guests were travelling in from various places around the world. Their Puglia wedding was a true celebration of their love, but also to be able to gather again with friends and family and celebrate all together.

Getting Married in Puglia Bridal portrait and bouquet in Masseria Spina
Karolina looks stunning holding her elegant boho bridal bouquet in Masseria Spina

On the day of their wedding the weather was sunny and hot, as is typical in the region during early summer, with a slight breeze from time to time. The wedding mood was elegant boho-chic with vintage touches and matched the cinematic retro look of the Masseria. The couple were both laid back and simple in their preparations, as they trusted their local designer Daniela and event producer Itinera Events with every detail. The epitome of simplicity is that Karolina did her own hair and make-up, and her mother assisted her with the dress, whilst Marco’s parents assisted him in fine tuning his elegant look. As all brides are, Karolina was initially a bit nervous for the event and the whole schedule, but both her photographers from Lind Nari Photography and I helped her feel more relaxed, as she trusted our approach and felt she was in good hands.

Destination Wedding in Puglia Couple in Monopoli
Destination Wedding in Puglia: Our beautiful wedding couple captured on video in the streets of Monopoli

“I will never forget this day, this moment, and how you are looking at me will stay in my heart forever” – Karolina

The ceremony took place under the centennial olive trees in the garden of the Masseria. With minimal organic decorations, and golden light, this was the perfect romantic setting. When the couple exchanged their vows everyone got emotional hearing their story. Karolina even read a poem about how she sees their future together. They also had specially engraved rings that read “To the moon and back ∞” and “Worth fighting for ∞”.

Destination Wedding in Puglia First look filmed by Videographer Cinema of Poetry
Emotional first look under the olive trees in Puglia

Right after the ceremony and the rice toss they exited the Masseria in a vintage red Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider car while the Jazz band was playing, recreating a typical 60’s Italian movie atmosphere. We then travelled together with the photographers and the couple to a field of olive trees at sunset to capture the romantic mood in pictures and film.

Puglia wedding Videographer Cinema of Poetry Filming wedding couple among the olive trees
First look under the olive trees in Puglia

The evening dinner was fantastic with fireworks and local specialties, while the Jazz band created the perfect elegant atmosphere to celebrate in style. They prepared a unique long table for their guests, which at the time was pretty spectacular and heartwarming because it brought people closer after such a long time being apart. The wedding also reflected their multicultural romance and multilingual background, as Karolina’s speech was translated into both Italian and Lithuanian, as they thanked their families and small group of friends that gathered to celebrate with them. It was also important for the couple to find a quality English singing band, and they did a lot of research before booking Less Jazz Quartet from Florence Italy, provided by Fix the music. They were absolutely amazing and performed both Italian and international songs. 

Destination Wedding in Puglia Ceremony under the olive trees in Masseria Spina
Emotional boho destination wedding ceremony in Puglia under the centennial olive trees
Destination Wedding in Puglia couple filming by videographer Cinema of Poetry
Getting Married in Puglia: A vintage Alfa Romeo Spider for a typical 60’s Italian movie atmosphere captured on video

Not just a destination Wedding

“And now I finally do get the phrase ‘love of my life’ because only with you my life feels now complete” – Marco

During the pandemic Karolina and Marco have gone more and more towards a slow kind of life and have set up a new company that helps small businesses and supports local artisans. They dream to keep promoting a conscious way to travel and to have their own farmhouse in the Mediterranean to share with other like-minded people and keep creating sustainably. Only a few months after their wedding the couple moved from London to Monopoli in Puglia, so this wedding and the place they chose were definitely more than just milestones in their lives.

Getting Married in Puglia Couple and fireworks in Masseria Spina
Amazing vibes, beautiful light and a stunning backdrop with fireworks for this destination wedding in Masseria Spina in Puglia
Masseria Spina Wedding dinner table aerial filming by Videographer Cinema of Poetry
To get Married in Puglia means to enjoy one of the best mediterrannean cuisines
Masseria Spina Wedding dinner table in Puglia
Wedding Videography in Puglia: Beautiful dinner table setup in Masseria Spina

I truly loved working with Marco and Karolina as their wedding Videographer in Puglia, and they are definitely what I would define as my ideal type of couple. Being creatives themselves, they gave me the artistic freedom to create something outside the box without any constraints or stereotypes. They are lovely people and it was very enjoyable to work with them.

Puglia Wedding Videographer filming couple in Monopoli
Destination Wedding in Puglia: Magic sunrise for a walk in the port of Monopoli, after a crazy wedding party in Masseria Spina
Puglia Wedding Videographer Cinema of Poetry filming couple to create a multiple exposure composite picture
Destination wedding in Puglia: From London to Monopoli

Planning an elopement in Puglia

If you are planning a destination wedding in Puglia, then finding an amazing team of professionals to help you pull it off is very important. As a destination wedding videographer that works often in Southern Italy, I understand the importance of having a good team in place when planning any wedding, but especially a destination wedding in Puglia. The reason is that, unless you hire an experienced local wedding planner, you will have to gather a few pieces of the puzzle yourself in order to identify the best combination of wedding vendors that will work for your own event.

After Karolina and Marco did their initial research and consultation calls, in order to define their preferred type of venue and their favorite style of wedding photography and video in Puglia, they were able to relax. Because they trusted Daniela, their local event designer, who curated every detail of the decoration, they trusted me as their videographer, as they trusted the rest of their vendors team. They knew they were in good hands. A great vendor team makes a smooth wedding. I am happy to share that I really enjoyed working with the photography team Linda and Carlo from Linda Nari Photography, a lovely couple from Tuscany. We got along very well and had perfect coordination, as if we were a photo-video team for years.

Puglia Destination Wedding couple enjoying breakfast in Monopoli
Getting Married in Puglia? Don’t forget to visit the centro storico of Monopoli and taste espresso and cornetti for breakfast. You won’t regret it.

It is always a pleasure to work with couples that have a clear and elegant vision about every detail of their day. The most important thing for me as a wedding videographer is to have a common aesthetic with the couple, so that they can openly trust my vision and creating approach. This was totally the case with Karolina and Marco, and that is why we chose to work together in the first place for their wedding video in Puglia. All the pictures and video frames featured in this article are parts of their film.

Destination Wedding Video in Puglia

I am very lucky to be a destination wedding videographer who can travel to places like Puglia on the drop of a dime. To be able to fly to iconic places in the Mediterranean and to film in breathtaking locations overlooking the sea is my dream come true. It is amazing to meet new people and to tell the love stories of adventurous couples that decide to get married in the Apulian region. Be it in a Masseria, an ancient Apulian olive orchard, or along the stunning coastline, Puglia is full of amazing wedding and elopement locations that are also stunning on film!

Puglia Wedding Videographer Destination Wedding in Masseria Spina Monopoli
Getting Married in Puglia? I would be delighted to be your Puglia wedding videographer and tell your story with a signature film

Are you planning to get married in Puglia or simply eloping there? I would love to be your wedding videographer in Puglia. My base is just a short flight away and I can be there in a blink of an eye. As a bonus, I speak Italian fluently and know the region quite well. Let’s start planning to create some magic for your destination wedding in Puglia, together.

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