Faroe Islands Wedding and Elopement Videographer

Best Faroe Islands Wedding Videographer filming Kalsoy sunset
Kalsoy island and Kallur lighthouse in sunset light, Faroe Islands

Are you looking for the Best videographer for your Faroe Islands adventure wedding or elopement? If so, it’s nice to meet you. My name is Kostas, and I am a wedding videographer specializing in intimate destination weddings and elopements. When you choose to get married in a place as stunning as the Faroe Islands, you need a videographer who can truly capture your story in this setting in the most personalized manner.

My mission as a Faroe Islands Wedding Videographer

If you plan to elope or get married in the Faroe Islands, get ready for a lifetime experience with your partner in life. My mission as a wedding videographer in the Faroe Islands is to tell your story as a couple, through your wedding day. To create a unique arthouse wedding video, which will be the most representative of your personalities. My intent is more subtle than simply documenting the exact events that took place on your special day. I am not there to just raise my camera and press the record button, only because the landscape is beautiful.

Best Faroe Islands Wedding Videographer
The moody landscape of the northern islands is a stunning backdrop for your elopement wedding video in the Faroe Islands

A sincere human connection with you is what drives my approach. This is how I can craft a visual story about all the little things that brought you two together in life. All the milestones in your common path. Everything will be combined with the majestic setting of the Faroe Islands to compose a delicate and personal wedding film for you! Have a look at some of my most recent wedding videos and you will understand why my films are so different than everybody else’s films.

“Let Kostas tell your story in his superb style. He is a great, kind, humble human who will really get to know you as a couple. He is not just a filmmaker who puts A roll and B roll together. He is an amazing storyteller!”

Jo Mae & Greg
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Your Faroe Islands Wedding or Elopement  

The wild and untainted beauty of the Faroe Islands make it the perfect place for any wedding or elopement. Not yet affected by over-tourism, the Faroe Islands are an unmarked landscape that beats the crowds. Its remoteness makes for a quiet getaway that will make your wedding and elopement feel truly intimate and exclusive. For the adventurous couple, the Faroe Islands feel unexplored and far away.

Best Faroe Islands Wedding Videographer filming Gasadalur village
Gasadalur village and its iconic waterfall, Vagar. A perfect spot for the Best Faroe islands Videography

Where to Elope on Faroe Islands

Amongst the lush green valleys, incredible cliffs, and outstanding Atlantic views, there are no shortage of places in the Faroe Islands for you to hold your unique and adventurous elopement ceremony. I am eager to work alongside you to create a moody cinematic wedding video in any place you choose. The following is a brief list to get you started, although there are many, many more for you to choose from!

Best Faroe Islands Wedding Videographer
As one of the Best elopement Videographers in Faroe Islands I try to incorporate the moody environment of the landscape in your wedding film seemlessly


Situated above a splendid tidal lagoon, this hillside village of only 14 inhabitants is incredibly remote and its tranquility can not be beat. The views of the surrounding mountains are some of the best you will see. An intimate breathtaking spot for the best wedding video in Faroe Islands

Lake Sørvágsvatn

Lake Sørvágsvatn is the largest of the Faroe Islands. Boasting some of the most incredible views from above, it looks as though the lake spills into the ocean in one of the most captivating optical illusions in the region. A must visit, be it even for your after wedding videography session in Faroe Islands.


Surrounded by mountains on all sides, with bountiful green fields and the beautiful waterfall úlafossur, the village of Gásadalur isn’t easy to capture in words. There are few ways to make it into this village, making this tiny town of 12 one of the most adventurous elopement wedding destinations in Faroe Islands.

Best Faroe Islands Wedding Videographer
Small churches amidst the wild landscape provide the perfect cinematic backdrop for the best wedding video in Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands Wedding and Elopement Videos

As your Faroe Islands elopement wedding videographer, I will truly capture the indescrivable character of this majestic place. Not only will I film the incredible scenery made up of the swirling North Atlantic Sea, green valleys, and jagged cliffs and volcanoes, but I will also capture your unique adventurous spirit as a couple. The Faroe Islands are for the boldest couples with a desire to immerse themselves in the most stunning of imagery. I will capture the feeling of your wedding day, and of your next big adventure —  a life lived together as a married couple.

Watch some of my most recent wedding and elopement videos and you will understand what makes the style of my wedding videography so different from anybody else’s style.

Why choose me as your elopement videographer in Faroe Islands?  

I am Kostas. Your Wedding and Elopement Videographer in Faroe Islands.

Based in Europe, I am the premier wedding and elopement videographer in the region. Together with your Faroe Islands Wedding Photographer, I will help you plan your adventure elopement and I’ll capture the Faroe Islands scenery in all its wild ruggedness. But the most important elements in my films are always your emotions in the elopement ceremony and the whole story that leads up to and follows it.

When you watch your wedding video, you want to look back with fondness on what will certainly be one of the best days of your life. The landscape is more than a background. It becomes a character in your love story that will forever persist through your wedding video. Show future generations and your loved ones how you said “I do” amongst one of the most splendid and untapped landscapes in the entire world. Your wedding video becomes an heirloom to be forever cherished. I will put thought, care, creativity and emotion into crafting it for you.

Wedding Cinematography Awards

During the past few years, I have been blessed to be the winner of numerous international awards, from several professional Associations and film festivals. The most important among them are:

More than anything else, I consider awards as an indication to be on the right track with my particular approach and with the kind of stories that I tell. I am happy to put a piece of my soul in every single film that I craft with love for my couples. Let me use my inspiration, talents and technical qualifications to capture your special day in a unique way.

“Watching our video transports me back to my wedding day in such a way that is unexplainable, it brings tears to my eyes every time. Thank you for truly capturing the essence of our love”

Vanna & Kevin
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Are you considering an elopement or destination wedding in the Faroe Islands? I’m excited to hear from you! Please feel free to reach out with any enquiries you may have. I can’t wait to hear about your adventurous plans for your big day. I would be delighted to be your Faroe Islands Wedding Videographer.

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